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Chanelle the Maid is one of two maids who are found on the second floor of the de'Arnise Keep if Gorion's Ward is a fighter and has accepted the keep as a stronghold following it's liberation from TorGal and his trolls. She is involved in one of the problems that Gorion's Ward must deal with as master of the keep.

Oh! H-hello, <PRO_LADYLORD> <CHARNAME>. I... I am Chanelle, one of the keep's maids. I must say... I miss Lord de'Arnise terribly, but you've done such a fine job here, nobody can complain, really.

The Maid & Her Suitors[]

Chanelle has been a maid within the keep most of her life. She was an orphan, and the de'Arnise family took her in as a servant when she was young. Now that she has reached adulthood, there are two suitors who desire her hand in marriage. Since the Lord of the keep is considered her guardian, it is up to that individual to decide which of the men has the Lord's blessing for the marriage.


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