Cespenar is an imp who flies around the Pocket Plane in Throne of Bhaal. He was originally Bhaal's butler and for a certain price and components, he can improve or fuse items to make them stronger. Although he can't be killed by Gorion's Ward, they can still hurt him. An exception to this is if Gorion's Ward becomes a mind flayer through the limited wish or shapechange spells, and attacks Cespenar with the mind flayer’s intelligence drain ability.

Cespenar, Cromwell and Maheer are the only characters in Baldur's Gate II who can create new or improve existing items.

List of items[edit | edit source]

Base item Components Gold Final item
Angurvadal +4 Liquid Mercury 10,000 Angurvadal +5
Bladesinger Chain Protection From Normal Weapons scroll 40,000 Aslyferund Elven Chain
Axe of the Unyielding +3 Baalor's Claw 5,000 Axe of the Unyielding +5
Bag of Plenty +1 King's Tear 10,000 Bag of Plenty +2
Paladin's Bracers 10,000 Blessed Bracers
Blue Dragon Scales 5,000 Blue Dragon Plate
Carsomyr +5 Eye of Tyr 5,000 Carsomyr +6
Case of Plenty +1 10,000 Case of Plenty +2
Circlet of Netheril Bronze Ioun Stone 5,000 Circlet of Netheril (upgraded)
Golem Manual Clay Golem Page 5,000 Clay Golem Manual
Clay Golem Manual Stone Golem Page 10,000 Stone Golem Manual
Stone Golem Manual Juggernaut Golem Page 15,000 Juggernaut Golem Manual
Club of Detonation +3 Ring of Fire Resistance 5,000 Club of Detonation +5
Dagger of the Star +4 Star Sapphire (×5) 5,000 Dagger of the Star +5
Darkfire Bow +4 Bowstring of Gond 5,000 Darkfire Bow +5
Erinne Sling +4 5,000 Erinne Sling +5
Firetooth +4 Bowstring of Gond 5,000 Firetooth +5
Flail of Ages +3 Flail Head (Poison) 5,000 Flail of Ages +4
Flail of Ages +4 Flail Head (Electric) 5,000 Flail of Ages +5
Foebane +3 Fflar's Scabbard 5,000 Foebane +5
Gram the Sword of Grief Heart of the Damned 5,000 Gram the Sword of Grief (upgraded)
Oaken Ring Nymph's Tear 5,000 Heartwood Ring
Helm of the Rock Horn (×2) 5,000 Helm of the Rock (upgraded)
Hindo's Doom +3 Hindo's Hand 5,000 Hindo's Doom +4
Cloak of Protection +2 Improved Haste scroll
Invisibility scroll
10,000 Improved Cloak of Protection
Ixil's Spike (dagger) +2 Ixil's Nail (spear) +4 5,000 Ixil's Spike (spear) +6
Montolio's Cloak Montolio's Clasp 5,000 Montolio's Cloak (upgraded)
Purifier +4 Eye of Tyr 5,000 Purifier +5
Quiver of Plenty +1 Rogue Stone 10,000 Quiver of Plenty +2
Ravager +4 Serpent Shaft 5,000 Ravager +6
Runehammer +4 Rune of Clangeddin 5,000 Runehammer +5
Short Sword of Mask +4 Heart of the Damned 5,000 Short Sword of Mask +5
Silver Dragon Scales 5,000 Silver Dragon Scale
Spectral Brand +4 Skull of the Lich 5,000 Spectral Brand +5
Staff of the Ram +4 Roranach's Horn 5,000 Staff of the Ram +6
Storm Star +3 Starfall Ore 5,000 Storm Star +5
Taralash +4 Bowstring of Gond 5,000 Taralash +5
Thieves' Hood Antidote
Sandthief's Ring
10,000 Thieves' Hood (upgraded)
White Dragon Scales 5,000 White Dragon Scale
Bard's Gloves Diamond
Rogue Stone
Star Sapphire
5,000 Wondrous Gloves

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Ooo! Needs must I look through your belongings? Match them to recipes, must I? Let me see..."[1]
  • [Case of Plenty] "Hmmm. You know you gots quiver of bolts here, right? I can upgrades it so it makes +2 bolts. Crossbows be sucky, but not quite so sucky with better bolts. 5,000 gold and it be yours."[2]
  • [Oaken Ring] "Okay... hmmm... maybe has something here. By the way, I organizes all your shoes, okay?"[3]
  • [Thieves' Hood] "I... hey, what is this? A hood? You off to visits grandmother or what?"[4]
  • [Helm of the Rock] "Pfft! Yah! Nice helmet! Hey... waits, I knows this one!"[5]
  • [Montolio's Cloak] "Ah? You have something here, smells like dirt? Needs good washing, maybe."[6]
  • [Bard's Gloves] "Hmm... hmm... Oh, wait! Here's a glove. Only one? What is you, a rock star? Oh. Here's the other one..."[7]
  • [Paladin's Bracers] "*sings* Hmm. I think I sees bracers of goody-two-shoesness!"[8]
  • [Circlet of Netheril] "Hmm... it seems you has lots of junks in here. Needs junk drawer."[9]
  • [Golem Manuals] "What gots we here? A book? Is good bedtime readings, maybe? Oh... is tome of golems. Yecccch. BOR-ing."[10]
  • [The Spirit's Shield] "*sings* Eh? Ooh! Shower curtain? Oh... is only a cloak! Nasty pattern, that."[11]
  • [Dragon Scales] "..eww... eugh... What is bad smell? You been killing dragons?"[12]
  • [Bladesinger Chain] "Ooo... you like this one, maybe...? Like a little smack on the tush, huh? Heh heh..."[13]
  • [Bag of Plenty] "Eh? Bag of rocks? What do you do with so many rocks? Need for head?"[14]
  • [Erinne Sling] "What? You uses sling? What is you, a big sissy?"[15]
  • [Firetooth] "Hmm... maybe could uses that string again. Not thinks of this one."[16]
  • [Quiver of Plenty] "Oooo... is very nice quiver, it is. Pretty colors."[17]
  • [Bowstring of Gond] "Eh? String? Ooo, good string, it is! Like string when you tie shoelaces together, but better!"[18]
  • [Runehammer] "Mmm. What's this? You gots hammer? Bhaal once drop hammer on big godly toe. Jump around and swear for days, he did. Kicked poor me all the way to Baator. Very bad week, that."[19]
  • [Flail of Ages] "Aaah, the flail of many heads, it is. Ouch! Ooo, wrong head."[20]
  • [Storm Star] "Mmm... a mace from the skies? Hit you on the head and leave lump, maybe?"[21]
  • [Club of Detonation] "What's this? Oh... one hot club. POW, straight to the moon!"[22]
  • [Hindo's Doom] "*snicker* Hindo's Doom! Can you say it? Hindo's DOOOOOM..."[23]
  • [Spectral Brand] "Ooo! Turmish forging is such nice work. MAH-velous. Just MAH-velous."[24]
  • [Ravager] "Oooo... big weapon, this. You overcompensating, maybe?"[25]
  • [Staff of the Ram] "Is good staff, very firm, very strong. Makes for a good SWACK IN THE HEAD! KA-POWWW!"[26]
  • [Axe of the Unyielding] "Ooo, nice axe! Lops off heads like nobody's business! I like it!"[27]
  • [Ixil's Nail or Spike] "Oooo... what's this? Sharp!"[28]
  • [Dagger of the Star] "Hmm. Bhaal had one of these. Used to pick teeth lots. No manners, he."[29]
  • [Carsomyr] "Ooooo... holy avenger sword, huh? Nice."[30]
  • [Gram the Sword of Grief] "Ooo... what a big sword you has..."[31]
  • [Purifier] "You has holy sword, does you? Hell isn't place for you, maybe, eh?"[32]
  • [Foebane] "Mm. Cool bastard sword, oh yes! Why bastard, you think? No parent?"[33]
  • [Angurvadal] "Ah? Sword that burns? Hm! Have cream for that."[34]
  • [Short Sword of Mask] "Ooo! Is nice sword, maybe..."[35]
  • [Silver Dragon Scales] "What this now? Dragon scales? Shiny."[36]
  • [Looking on] "There something else here? Hmm... old rations? Do you clean pack sometimes or just pretend?"[37]
  • [Looking on] "Okays, I keep lookin'... what is this? Stale cookie? *crunch* *crunch* Ugggh... that is no cookie!"[38]
  • [Looking on] "*sings* I'se looking through stuffs that ain't mine! ...dum-dee-doo-doo-dum-dum-dum-dum..."[39]
  • [Looking on] "I keep looking, but I runnings out of recipes soon. I needs to find Martha soon! She around Hell somewhere, I thinks."[40]
  • "Hmm. Nope. Nope! I sees nothing more that matches with my recipes. No more shiny ones. Oh well. Back to cleaning, I guesses."[41]
  • [If not addressed by Gorion's Ward] "Hm... Umm, Cespenar only serve the great one. Youse nice, maybe, but youse still a nobody."[42]

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