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Cernd's quotes presents lines spoken by Cernd, together with the associated sound files.

Cernd is a very calm druid, often expressing himself in nature metaphors to describe his feelings and opinions. He talks with an equally detached tone to all members of the party, rarely starting conversations and indifferent to insults. Cernd only ever gets nervous around undead members of the party due to their "un-naturalness", but will never attack or leave the party because of moral differences, aware that both good and evil are in the end necessary.

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With Aerie[]

When in a city :

Aerie: You don't seem... comfortable here.
Cernd: Forgive me, dear elf. It is just that I have never understood the city.
Aerie: What is there to understand? Cities are where you go when you have no place else to be.
Cernd: Perhaps that is it. I have my grove, and the beauty tethers my heart to its ferns and mosses. When next we visit, would you like me to show them to you?
Aerie: Oh, please, Cernd. I—I would like that very much.
Cernd: Then it shall be so.

When in a forest :

Cernd: You see those tiny mushrooms hidden away there... and how they glow? They are of the foxfire family and are the material component for the "faerie fire" spell.
Aerie: They're so beautiful, Cernd, and—*shiver*—and their light's so cold.

When in a forest :

Cernd: Ah, over there rests a stand of simple wood ferns. I have seen them grow as high as my chest some years.
Aerie: Oh, I wish they could grow forever! How could you ever leave such a place?
Cernd: Though my body may roam, my spirit shall always rest here, Aerie.

When in a forest :

Cernd: Move carefully now... do you see that large red flower? It is a dead man's lotus and shall put you right to sleep should you disturb its pollen.
Aerie: I can just imagine the dreams I'd have in such a place, Cernd.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Aerie: Cernd? Don't you miss your old grove? You don't speak of it at all.
Cernd: Oh, I miss my old grove, Aerie. I once had an odd and strangely colored rash caused by an abishai bush that I had an unfortunate encounter with... and I miss that just as much.
Aerie: You can't have liked your old grove very much, then. I can't imagine anyone missing a rash at all.
Cernd: On the contrary, my dear, it was a rather extraordinary rash.
Aerie: *sigh* I was just wondering if you missed your old grove, Cernd. Must all your answers be so cryptic? I'm almost too tired to wonder what you mean sometimes.
Cernd: It wasn't my purpose to be cryptic, my dear. My time with my grove in Cormyr was both fascinating and a little uncomfortable. I enjoyed the company of my peers, but I never quite fit in, you see.
The Great Druid there did not have much of a liking for me, you see. So while I learned much and appreciate the time I spent at the grove, in the end I am glad that I have not returned to it.
Aerie: Like your rash. Interesting, but you're glad it's gone?
Cernd: Exactly. See, that wasn't so difficult now, was it?

With Anomen[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Cernd: Like dark clouds before a storm... the chains of duty weigh heavy some days.
Anomen: Duty, druid? Ha! What would a tree-hugger like you know of the chains of duty? Mucking about in the woods like an animal is not duty, but foolishness.
Cernd: The earth cradles you in her arms as she does all her children. Your lack of knowledge does nothing to change this basic fact. The heartless and the stupid continue to destroy the Mother for their own shortsighted ends. In my humble way, I protect her. This is not duty?
Anomen: Nay, it is not. To serve Helm with honor and fortitude, this is duty! Do not taint the word with your halfwit musings. You serve flowers and rodents, not truth and honor.
(Minsc, if in party): Rodent?! What do you imply about my hamster?
Cernd: You cannot see the forest for the trees, Anomen. There would be no Helm to serve without a world in which you can live. Ah, but I see from your face that this goes nowhere. Think what you will; I will say no more.

With Dorn[]

During Dorn's quest, in Resurrection Gorge :

Cernd: Resurrection Gorge. How could something with such a name have fallen into such a state?
Dorn: Fallen? It was pushed by a druid fool—though perhaps the phrase "druid fool" is redundant.
Cernd: You believe druids to be fools?
Dorn: I've seen no evidence to the contrary.
Cernd: You see nothing you do not want to.
Dorn: You do me a disservice. I see many things I'd prefer not to—and then I see them fall beneath my blade.
Cernd: Not all problems are so easily solved.
Dorn: Perhaps. But I've yet to encounter one that wasn't.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Dorn: I do not understand you, druid. You profess a desire to protect nature, but neglect to harness her destructive strength. Why?
Cernd: I do what is necessary.
Dorn: Necessary? Forests fall to woodsmen's axes, animals are hunted to rarity, and rivers are poisoned by the sewage of cities!
Cernd: The Mother loves all her children, Dorn. Not just those who live in dappled glen and field.
Dorn: Even so. I have seen storms the likes of which can devastate large towns. Wildfires that burned through entire forests. Why do you hold back?
Cernd: When the Mother is angry, her fury roars through the land, without direction, terrifying and dangerous.
I would not end innocent lives, even if it meant the death of our enemies. It is not the way.
Dorn: You are weak.
Cernd: Perhaps. But I am no murderer.

With Edwin[]

Edwin: Tell me about your ecstatic religion, shaman. Why do you harvest mistletoe and bear witness to Mother Earth's bounty?
Cernd: It began as a craving for connection, Edwin. The Earth and her cousins, the Sky and the Water, all spoke in tongues of ancient mystery and lore.
It was my calling to unravel the worlds within a single seed or read the chronicle of a season in the veins of a leaf. She called, and I answered.

If Edwin has been turned into a woman as part of his quest :

Cernd: Are the flowers not beautiful this time of year? Perhaps a little late in the blooming, but still...
Edwin: What?! What are you getting at?! I know you are talking about me, so speak it plain!
Cernd: Perhaps your new form has made you more sensitive, though not in a way I call improvement. I meant nothing. It is my wont to talk of nature and her gifts.
Edwin: Very well then. I will let your comment pass and...
Cernd: I mean, if I say how the great cycle fells the mighty oak, yielding to the furrows and valleys of a more subtle landscape, is it my fault if you take offense?
Edwin: I see, I see. I shall let the slight pass and...
Cernd: And if I say that the great stag casts aside its wondrous mantle as the long winter approaches, should it be my concern if you draw any comparisons to your...
Edwin: Yes, yes, yes, now will you please cease your prattle?!
Cernd: Poor Edwin. When nature casts aside an appendage, she is confident it will return in the proper season. My heart weeps for your insecurities. Weep, weep.
Edwin: (I wonder what his nature would say about the cleansing power of fire. I wonder.)

If Edwin has been turned into a woman as part of his quest :

Edwin: Why do you stare so, Cernd? No doubt you are to laugh at my predicament, so get it over with!
Cernd: Why does the king protest? His forests are pilfered, leaving just hills and scrub, but what loss is it? How can it be of value when it was never put to use?
Edwin: (There is an insult in there somewhere, I am certain. Would that I could stop time and kill them ALL first.)

Throne of Bhaal only :

Edwin: Eh... so, Cernd, as a champion of the natural elements of this world, you must also have knowledge of what is... unnatural?
Cernd: To some extent, I must. To know the enemy is to better know how to defeat them.
Edwin: Of course, of course. A man of your standing has seen much in his career: confronted many a beast, foiled many a plot... encountered many a tome.
Cernd: Why, Edwin? Not content with the modern discord you sow? Do you seek tutelage from the evils of old?
Edwin: My interest is purely sociable, certainly. Just banter betwixt friends. Casual interest.
Have you kept records?
Cernd: Ah, no. Enough, Edwin. You hide your intent no better than your basic nature. I have no secrets for you, or anyone like you.
Edwin: (Monkeys... unworthy little monkeys, all of them.)

With Haer'Dalis[]

When in a forest :

Haer'Dalis: Ah, Cernd, my rustic, wind-borne swallow! These woods have such a regal bearing, their airs so sweetly scented by the leaf's decay...
I delight so at the sparrows twittering above, and look... there passes a prancing squirrel, all delighted by the softness of our approach!
Cernd: Ha! That prancing squirrel over yonder? If you could only understand his speech, your face would flush quite red at its vulgarity.
Let us just say that he is less than pleased by the loudness of your voice and the fact that you are currently standing on his cache of nuts.
Haer'Dalis: ...Cernd, you could have explained that in a manner that would not have involved me wincing.

With Hexxat[]

Cernd: I would speak with you, <CHARNAME>.
1. Player: You not only would, you are.
Cernd: I am concerned.
1. Player: With what?
2. Player: So am I, though I doubt we're concerned about the same things.
3. Player: I am not. I am particularly unconcerned with your concerns.
Cernd: This vampire you have taken to your bosom endangers us all. She is an affront to the natural order.
Hexxat: I couldn't help but overhear.
1. Player: You have sharp ears.
Hexxat: You have to, in my line of work.
I gather my presence concerns you, Cernd?
Cernd: This cannot surprise you.
Hexxat: Few things do anymore. Tell me of this natural order I am an affront to.
Cernd: That which is dead should not yet live.
Hexxat: And yet I do live.
Cernd: You exist, and that is... problematic.
Hexxat: Surely my existence is proof that your understanding of the natural order is flawed.
Cernd: How so?
Hexxat: Nature encompasses all. To go against it is to become a part of it. If I were truly unnatural, I could not be.
Cernd: You are clever, Hexxat. But clever will only get you so far.
2. Player: A common complaint of those who eavesdrop.
Hexxat: Old habits die hard.
1. Player: They aren't the only thing.
Hexxat: I gather my presence (...)
2. Player: Especially when no effort's been made to kill them.
Hexxat: I gather my presence (...)
3. Player: No bad thing when they're useful ones.
Hexxat: As perceptive as always, <CHARNAME>.
I gather my presence (...)
3. Player: And then you couldn't help but interject.
Hexxat: It seemed fair, seeing as I was the topic under discussion.
I gather my presence (...)
2. Player: If you must.
Cernd: This vampire you have taken (...)
3. Player: Is there anything I can do to convince you not to?
Cernd: I am concerned. This vampire you have taken (...)

With Imoen[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Cernd: Are you well, Imoen? I trust you would say if you were having any... difficulties.
Imoen: Cernd, what is it? You've been looking at me funny for days now.
Cernd: Well, it's been a very trying time for us all, but especially so for you. To learn that you are not as... natural as you might have thought...
Imoen: I see. You are worried about my being a child of Bhaal. Is that it? Well, I'm sure I'll let you know if I'm going to change into some monstrous killing machine.
Cernd: I meant no offense, but birds and reptiles are often at death's door before they show any symptom of trouble. Not that you would be one or the other, but...
Imoen: But I just might, is that it? Cernd, I like you, but don't treat me like I don't know myself. I'm fine, really.
Cernd: I apologize, of course.
Imoen: Besides, I'm hoping for bird. Heh. Kidding.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Imoen: Why, hullo, Cernd. You're a druid, right? Maybe you can answer a question for me.
Cernd: I am a druid, yes... and of course, I would be happy to answer any of your questions... although that mischievous look of yours tells me I'm about to be made fun of.
Imoen: I would never make fun of you, Cernd. Although you do look cute when you're frustrated.
Cernd: *sigh* What is it you want to know, Imoen?
Imoen: Well... how does someone become a druid? You don't just wake up one day and decide you want to go kiss a tree, do you?
Cernd: You're more intelligent than that, Imoen. Did you become a thief by accident, discovering your hand in someone's pocket one day?
Imoen: Actually, yes. I was eight years old, and Winthrop had this big gold chain hanging out of the back pocket of his robes all day, staring me in the face. I just couldn't help myself.
Cernd: You know, for a girl who has been through so much and has only recently discovered herself to be Bhaalspawn, you have a remarkable talent for making light of things.
Imoen: Well, I suppose I could be all angsty and mope around, but I leave that to <CHARNAME>. Oh, wait... I think <HE/SHE> heard us. Let's go over here...

With Jaheira[]

Jaheira: You seem restless, Cernd. Is there something I can do for you? It is my duty to see you comfortable.
Cernd: Jaheira, I see you as an equal in this group. Save such reverence for official druid functions.
Jaheira: As you would have it, though you still look out of sorts.
Cernd: I prefer this calm, but I wonder if a storm is looming. I have watched the cycle of the hunt in nature, but never thought I would be the hunter, or the hunted.
Jaheira: But you have served nature for years more than I. Have you not fought for her?
Cernd: Certainly I have, and passionately too, but now we go far afield. Ahh, pay me no mind. I will grow accustomed to being out of my element.

With Jan[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Jan: If you don't mind me saying so, Cernd, you seem a bit jumpy around me. Do I, uh... unnerve you somehow?
Cernd: It's not you personally, though I am concerned with the gadgets you are often fiddling with.
Jan: Ah, my Flashers and such? Concerned they may be unnatural? Unbalancing? Unnaturally balancing?
Cernd: They do seem to harness more energy than such a small package should contain.
Jan: Nothing to be concerned about, I assure you. Only the finest of fillings find foothold in a fantabulous Jansen Family Flasher firework. Find fault and finances refunded free.
Cernd: Well, that aside, I'm sure they are just a clever mixture of natural elements, though you'll understand if I prefer to be a respectable distance when they are set off.
Jan: Oh, I would recommend it. Normally sedate Uncle Flippy turned into quite the conversationalist after getting a little too close to one. "WHAT?!" he would say. "WHAT?! WHAT?!"
Not as comical as you might think. Now he's taking complaints in a Waterdhavian festhall. *sigh* What do they say down there? "You got troubles? That and a gold piece will get you as far as Flippy hears."

With Keldorn[]

When in Suldanessellar :

Cernd: Ah, fair Talltrees. Look at this city, Keldorn, and learn. No bricks or mortar, no temples of cut and polished marble. If only Athkatla could be like this, I would not despise it so.
Keldorn: If Athkatla were like this, we would swing from the trees by our tails and have barely enough wit to lash a stone onto a fallen branch that it might be called a hammer. Nay, Cernd, I want not the lowly barbarism you espouse.
Cernd: But don't you see? What you call civilization is a cancer, expanding like a fungus on a corpse. It is a world out of balance, and it can result only in decay.
But what you call barbarism is, in truth, a harmony. Man with beast and with plant and with the earth that bears them all. There need be no discrepancy.
Keldorn: The very gods granted us dominion here, and Ao placed the races that they might flourish and be fruitful. It is a destiny made manifest, druid.
Civilization is a right, a privilege, and a duty. Only through it and through faith can we can transcend the brutal savagery of our past.
Cernd: Well, you have proven one point, at least.
Keldorn: What is that?
Cernd: That there is nothing more aggravating than arguing with a theologian.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Keldorn: Cernd, I would like to ask you a question if I may. You strike me as a good man. Yet you refuse to follow the rules of Law... I find this paradox quite vexing.
Cernd: Beauty and nature are not bound by rigid laws, my stalwart friend. You see chaos and confusion as your enemy, but they are part of the natural order. You must learn to embrace them as you have embraced law.
Keldorn: You will not convert me to your wild woodland ways, Cernd. Though often difficult, the path of law and order is the path of true virtue.
Cernd: By refusing to acknowledge the necessity of a balance between law and chaos, you only make your life more difficult, Keldorn. What a ridiculous, impractical belief system you cling to!
Keldorn: Are you mocking my values? You dare scorn everything I hold dear and everything I stand for? Do not be such an ass, Cernd.
Cernd: Err... are paladins even allowed to say "ass"?
Keldorn: My code of honor dictates my actions, Cernd. It does not dictate my speech. But I will waste no more words on you—not even the word "ass."
Cernd: Forgive me, Keldorn. I only asked because as a druid, I am restricted in certain uses of the word "tomato"... I thought perhaps you were under a similar sort of prohibition.
Keldorn: What? Why would you be prevented from speaking of some vegetable?
Cernd: Well, you see, there you've gone and hit on the crux of it. A tomato is a fruit, after all.
Keldorn: That's ridiculous.
Cernd: Perhaps. But one must be sensitive to even those of the vegetative or fruity persuasion amongst us, my dear paladin.
Keldorn: Enough. I said I would speak no more to you, druid, and now I am doubly determined to.
(if Valygar is in the party:)
Cernd: As you wish. I had no idea fruits would be such an issue for you. Perhaps this would be a discussion better suited for Valygar.
Valygar: Back off, druid. I'm not in the mood for your insinuations today.
Cernd: My, my. Everyone is very sensitive today.
(if Valygar is not in the party:)
Cernd: As you wish. I had no idea fruits would be such an issue for you.

With Korgan[]

Korgan: Rainmaker, use yer mumbo-jumbo and make sure it don't rain when we're traveling in the outdoors! It makes me armor rust, me clothes damp, and me feet slosh about in me favorite boots.
Cernd: I'm afraid I cannot, Korgan. It is not within my sphere of influence, nor is it my place to do so.
Korgan: Bah! Tree-hugging dirt-eater! If yer god lived on Faerûn, I'd break his windows! Good fer nothin'! Go pluck mistletoe and frolic naked in glades!
Cernd: Trying to make me repentant for the ways of the storm will prove no more fruitful than whistling down the wind.
A selective sun may also choose to prolong your damp, but who am I to say?

With Mazzy[]

Cernd: Truly, mankind was never meant to scurry beneath the land as a weasel or mole. We have not the eyes for such delving. It is a task better suited to the dwarven folk.
Mazzy: Surely, Cernd, your companions shall stand by you as we descend into the bowels of the earth.
Cernd: Worry not, Mazzy, my discomfort is minor. I stumble now and then, but bats find their way on a simple screech, and I do fine with a similar "help" on occasion.
Mazzy: There is no shame in admitting your fears. It is the only way that you might face them.
Cernd: There is truth to what you say, but I hesitate only because I prefer to recognize my fears in the light of day. I feel uncomfortable away from open skies.
Mazzy: Then I shall be the staff that you lean upon in your time of need.
Cernd: Ah, Mazzy, what a gentle soul you have. I shall always be pleased to have you by my side, but you needn't worry so about me.
Others will have more need of the stave you offer, but I will walk by your side without leaning. Lead on, stalwart halfling, I shall follow without fear!

Throne of Bhaal only :

Cernd: I must say, Mazzy, you are proving to be quite unique among the halflings I've met in my experience.
Mazzy: How do you mean?
Cernd: I meant no offense, of course. You have certainly found your own balance within yourself, despite how far that deviates from traditional fields.
Mazzy: I do not think of that much. I just felt there was something I had to do with my life. The hearth still calls to me, but... but...
Cernd: Regrets? I should hope not. You are a shining example.
Mazzy: Thank you for that, but sometimes... Ah well. We all could have been something else. Someone else.

With Minsc[]

Minsc: Cernd, you are akin to nature as I am. Why did you not take up the blade to fight? I do not think I would have the patience you do in battle.
Cernd: The great oak might crush a building when it falls, but the sapling that seeps its roots through the foundation will stop the building in the first, lest the cellars leak and fungoids take the builders.
Minsc: Confused looks from all sides, but Minsc understands!

Minsc: Flowers are beautiful, aren't they, Boo? I wish there were more to see.
Cernd: I see you have an appreciation for the small things, Minsc. You see the power in their simple nature.
Minsc: I don't understand much that is complicated, but the trees and the flowers are music to my eyes. Boo prefers the calm of the forest, though he suffers my company.
Cernd: Ahh, you are his tree amidst the cities and people, and despite your bending and bowing in the wind, you are his stability, as I suspect he is yours.
Minsc: No, he is my hamster. You talk in circles, Cernd, but that's okay. Boo runs in them.

Minsc: You are not as serious as many druids I have met, Cernd. Some even disapprove of me because I am... I am... I'd... hmm... I don't really know why. Boo will not tell me either.
Cernd: The great wind that shakes the tree causes many that dwell there to fear for their safety and curse the bluster. The same wind will cause many a nut to fall, and in this the forest is renewed, providing even more space for those that fear.
Minsc: You could just say you don't know. Boo makes more sense, and he does not have thumbs.

With Nalia[]

Nalia: I have a philosophical question for you, Cernd. If you're willing, that is.
Cernd: A challenge, Nalia? Why, certainly... I have nothing against more intellectual pursuits, although I do not claim anything like your own acuity.
Nalia: Don't worry... this is your territory. I was simply wondering on your own feelings about <CHARNAME>'s place in the balance.
Cernd: Ah. I have given that considerable thought, actually.
Nalia: And? What are your conclusions? Does <CHARNAME> threaten the balance or not?
Cernd: (if Player's alignment is evil) Our stalwart leader may be evil, it is true... but this does not mean that <HE/SHE> threatens the balance. The balance may be served in the end, even unknowingly... it is too early to say for certain.
Cernd: (if Player's alignment is not evil) Our stalwart leader may not be evil, it is true... but there is a significant potential for destruction in <HIS/HER> taint. The balance could be served... or harmed... unknowingly, even. It is too early to tell.
Cernd: But either way, I would say that the potential for chaos is far greater than I would like. Hopefully, we can influence the amount of chaos with our presence... that is my hope, anyway.
Why? What are your thoughts on the matter, Nalia?
Nalia: I've a few thoughts on the matter, but I choose to keep them to myself for now.
Cernd: That hardly seems fair.
Nalia: I mean no offense, Cernd. Thank you for your insight, however.

With Neera[]

Cernd: You hail from the High Forest, yes, Neera? I wonder if my travels shall ever take me there. It is a place I'd dearly love to see.
Neera: I'd love to go with you, but: banished, you know?
Cernd: Take comfort in the thought that change is always around us—always—and that nothing is more natural than the tree losing its leaves in the fall, or the clouds changing shape in the heavens.
Neera: Aw, I like that sort of thing. Trees, clouds, heavens, birds, those weird mushrooms that look like brains... Count me in!
Cernd: I do not talk of taking comfort in the materials of nature, though they are very beautiful and full of solace. I speak of the change that permeates it. Nature does not want your banishment to last forever.
Neera: re you sure? I think nature isn't too crazy about me. You don't know the whole story. I was banished by a TREE, for crying out loud. The treant Turlang—ever hear of him?
Cernd: Yes. Turlang is old and wise, and you were young and... young. If Turlang banished you, there is even greater reason to suspect you were not being punished and that you might someday return.
Neera: Not punished? I was kicked out of my home, separated from my kindred. I'm an outcast, a freak of nature, okay? I'm fine with it! Really, I am.
Cernd: No, you're not. And you were not being punished, as much as it might seem like it.
Neera: Then what? What is your argument, exactly?
Cernd: You were being forced to change.
Neera: I don't want to change. I'm not giving up my magic.
Cernd: I doubt Turlang expected you to. More likely he banished you because he wanted you to grow up WITH your wild magic.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Neera: It must be nice, being so peaceful all the time.
Cernd: While the surface may seem still, a thousand eddies and currents push and pull the lake below. Who knows what terrors lurk beneath?
Neera: Do you enjoy being so cryptic?
Cernd: Does an owl enjoy eating the occasional field mouse?
Neera: I'll take that as a yes.
Cernd: Take it as you will, but consider this: It is a strange owl indeed that does not enjoy frequently eating field mice.
Neera: I'm gonna go talk to someone else now.

With Rasaad[]

Rasaad: I admire your devotion, Cernd.
Cernd: My devotion?
Rasaad: To nature. Has your faith in the Mother ever been tested?
Cernd: Winds may sway the trunk, but this oak's roots are buried deep.
Rasaad: What happens when the storm tears the tree from its holdings? What then?
Cernd: When it happens—if it happens—another tree will take its place. Life goes on, Rasaad. Forever and always.

With Sarevok[]

Sarevok: I have had enough of your constant flinching, druid. Do you have something to say to me or not?
Cernd: I... I apologize, Sarevok. I know that there are reasons for your presence amongst us, but... you seem so unnatural to me that I cannot help but be repelled.
Sarevok: You have encountered many things far more unnatural than me. How about the mortal spawn of an evil god... does that not strike you as unnatural in any way?
Cernd: At... at least it is still birth and life, Sarevok. It is part of the natural cycle. Even a Bhaalspawn dies in a natural manner. You are a dead thing that has risen again.
Sarevok: The same would be true for any undead creature.
Cernd: But you are not undead. You are as the tree stump, sprouted again into a full oak. A marvel, perhaps... but also living denial of the natural cycle. I just find it... disturbing, is all.
(If Sarevok is still evil:)
Sarevok: Get over it quickly then, druid. The next time you flinch in my presence, I shall be forced to run you through. Then let's see if you can accomplish rebirth as I did.
(If Sarevok is no longer evil:)
Sarevok: Then we have little to say to each other, druid. I live again for a purpose, and I will not fail it... Your disturbances mean nothing to me, so stay out of my way.

With Valygar[]

Cernd: I've noticed, Valygar, that you are quite the adept fighter. I'm afraid I cannot help but compliment you on this.
Valygar: It's nothing to be impressed by, old friend. Something learned after years in the scouts, facing off against the wild dangers that nature and magic have thrown at me.
Cernd: Still, it is a skill that has served you well, no?
Valygar: It has served to keep me alive, Cernd, but otherwise it has served me not at all. I would rather be a man of peace and nature as yourself.
Cernd: Ah, but even I have been forced to fight on occasion. And had you not your skill with the sword, you would have not escaped the Cowled Wizards, would you?
Valygar: I suppose that's true.

After Lavok's death :

Cernd: Valygar, this hatred that you hold inside you is truly unhealthy. It is akin to the rot in a tree trunk that will only weaken you in a time when you need to be strong.
Valygar: I'll not let it be, Cernd. The wizard killed Suna in such an offhand fashion... he cared not a spit for her life. Doesn't he deserve to suffer for it?
Cernd: If your thoughts are only of vengeance, how can they be on the path that lies ahead of us? There are more immediate dangers.
Valygar: Well, I know it. And you have no need to worry... I shall pay the closest attention to every step that brings me closer to that foul mage!
Cernd: We don't know all there is to know about this, Valygar. We should not be so quick to jump to conclusions.
Valygar: He killed Suna! There is nothing else to know!
Cernd: Nothing? Like there was nothing else to be considered of Lavok? Your ancestor was not quite what you expected, was he?
Valygar: I... damn you, druid, just leave me be!

Throne of Bhaal only :

Cernd: All this fighting, this conflict. Old enemies and new. Strange times, aren't they, Valygar?
Valygar: I suppose. I don't give it much thought.
Cernd: Really? Perhaps that is the difference in our duty to nature. You act and trust in your instincts, whereas I seem to spend many hours in contemplation.
Valygar: Hmm.
Cernd: Nothing to add?
Valygar: Not especially. This was your chat.
Cernd: Ah. Yes, I suppose it was, although I didn't think it would provoke such indifference.
Valygar: Perhaps it requires more quiet contemplation.
Cernd: Ah, I see. Perhaps it does at that.

With Viconia[]

Viconia: Tree-hugger, I've a question for you: "If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody care?"
Cernd: You've a nerve, Viconia. Anger and pain is your home, and a woeful, cold place it must be. My brothers celebrate life, renewal, seasons, the parliament of trees, and the splendor of nature's bounty.
Shar and her ilk revere entropy, revenge, and darkness. Viconia, you and I will never see eye-to-eye, and that covenant should be respected and maintained.
And to answer your question, yes... we do care.
Viconia: Your kindred are a scourge, defending birds, trees, brooks... the dirt. It illustrates your inability to relate to anything with two legs and a language.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Cernd: You've been on the surface for quite some time now, Viconia. Tell me... have you encountered the normal effects of prolonged exposure to the sun experienced by your kind?
Viconia: Such as an overwhelming desire to crush the skull of overinquisitive iblith? Why, yes... the urge comes and goes.
Cernd: No, no. I was referring to the loss of your native drow abilities, like the natural resistance to magic that you possess.
Viconia: I have lost my resistance to handsome males, druid. Has anyone told you how manly you are? Come closer, Cernd... let us explore this thought further.
Cernd: Errr, no thank you. My curiosity was only related to your biology, Viconia.
Viconia: I know all manner of secrets related to biology, jaluk.
Cernd: I'm... sure you do.
Viconia: Coward.
Cernd: Perhaps, but I'm a living one. Excuse me...