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Cerebus is a Moon dog creature summoned forth using the Moon Dog Figurine item. That item is only obtainable by the protagonist if they complete the Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills questline satisfactorily.


When the figurine is employed to summon forth Cerebus, it will appear at the location selected by the player with a summoning animation. The beast will disappear from the map in 300 game seconds (5-turns), which is plenty of time for the creature to do some good.

Cerebus is a controlled creature, as is best utilized by micromanaging its movements, selecting its targets in battle, and to give it orders to launch/cast/use its spell abilities.

The creature has the ability to fight in melee combat, albeit at only a moderate potential effectiveness. It can however occupy an enemy's attention and provide some potentially useful spell ability.

As only +2 enchanted weapons or better can strike the beast, it can be impervious against enemies that don't have that capability.

A Death Spell will destroy/banish Cerebus, as it is a summoned creature.

The beast is immune to several status effects as noted on the InfoBox.

Cerebus is under a permanent Weak Haste effect, and then on top of that it has a +4 movement modifier.

If left to its own internal AI, Cerebus will attempt to cast or ApplySpell the innate spell abilities listed on the InfoBox.

The player may also command Cerebus to use its spell abilities as well, including Healing Lick (SPIN699), and Moon Dog Sight (SPIN696).


Cerebus' AI script is, unfortunately, not optimally written, in the sense that it assigns several actions to the dog without implementing a check to see if the player has already given it an order. This means that Cerebus will, essentially, "fight the player" for control for two rounds before actually obeying commands adequately. In short, it will try to, in order:

- Cast Improved Invisibility on itself, if the one cast is still available.

- Apply (not cast, so it doesn't waste the round's "cast" action) a "free" version of Moon Dog Howl that doesn't actually use the memorized cast, immediately upon spotting an evil enemy.

- Cast Mirror Image on itself, if it's not already protected by it and there are enough casts left.

Also, it will never use Healing Lick, or Moon Dog Sight on its own, so keep that in mind.

Beyond that, don't forget that Cerebus will try to re-cast Mirror Image on its own as soon as it expires (even if you don't want it to), so you don't ever need to order it to do that.


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