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Cellar Brothel or Galvena's Festhall Cellar is an attached lengthy corridor entered from a doorway at the back of the Brothel entrance room.


This dingy and unkept stone walled corridor is quite lengthy. It is entered from the Brothel "front" area, where guests are greeted and order drinks and such. Along the length of the corridor are various closed doors leading to other rooms. The look of the "brothel" seems more like this was Brynnlaw's armory and perhaps town jail - it certainly does not have that "festhall" vibe one would expect in a parlor of hedonistic pleasure.


When first entering the cellar from the brothel your Journal will update and display:

I managed to sneak inside Lady Galvena's Festhall; if I talk to the cook, she can prepare a sleeping potion that will knock out the guards. I can also fight my way through, but either way I need to find Claire and discover what she knows.

This long corridor is guarded, but the party will not be able to observe the entire length upon first entry, so they will be unseen and are located further away. With that information in mind, the party can try to find the cook to pursue the sleeping potion plot or ignore that and just rely on force of arms to explore the corridor and any various rooms connected to it by doors. If you are going to try the cook Ellie plot - see the Getting inside the asylum page for further details.

No matter which way you decide to approach your goal to find Claire, you will still need to get your hands on Galvena's Key in order to open the door to the Brothel Prison area. One of the doorways on this corridor will lead to that item.

If the party is simply assaulting the Brothel, and or the alarm script has been initiated in the Brothel front area, then two Guard (Brothel Cellar) fighters will attack the party on sight.


None in this cellar hallway area.