Baldur's Gate Wiki

This area is technically part of Spellhold.

This cave will be a location that the party is transferred to by the Asylum Apparition, depending on how the party answered certain questions as part of the Tests necessary to leave spell hold. Dialogue options and subsequent responses from the party will determine if this particular area is presented as an additional test, most likely as part of the harder or more difficult path. This cave has no connection to any other area, so the player cannot gather the party and travel in the traditional method to another area.


The party is transported to this area, to face a hostile group of creatures in battle, for the purpose of presenting a more difficult path forward, possibly even as punishment for words said earlier in the previous testing area.

When the party arrives here, they have only a few seconds before a group of hostile Earth-based creatures' attack. The Umber Hulk and mephits will likely be able to launch some of their innate spell abilities at the outset of hostilities. When the creatures are defeated, another appearance of the Apparition will occur.

The Apparition will await the party to initiate dialogue:

"The desolation of this place reflects the choices you have made. Tell me, what thoughts have you on this barren landscape?"

The party is presented with several dialogue selections to choose from.

If the party replies with "I refuse to speak to you anymore. You are little more than a mindless golem." - then the Apparition will reply "That may well be, but I must still fulfill the duty that I am assigned. Were I living and breathing, your fate would be the same. The path gets harder still."

Note:The party is then transported to the Sahuagin Room (Spellhold Test).

If the party says "It is wasted as it is. Would that it had the fertile nature of the previous room." then the Apparition remarks "A naive view, but a hopeful one. Had I a soul, I am sure I would be moved. So be it; I will take this as a good sign, though I find your mind to be more complicated than these simple tests illustrate."

Note:The party is then transported to the Fire Room (Spellhold Test).

Another possible answer is "I shall raze the entire building to this condition." to which the Apparition replies "Unproductive. You are not responding to these evaluations well at all. Would that I had a director here to study you properly. As it stands, I can only discourage the thoughts. The path gets harder."

Note:The party is then transported to the Sahuagin Room (Spellhold Test).

And the last reply is "I have no insight as to why it is like this. Should I worry over what I cannot help?" and the Apparition says "I suppose this view is unavoidable, since I reinforce it by subjecting you to the tests in the first. Very well. This acceptance shall be taken as a good sign. The path is made easier."

Note:The party is then transported to the Fire Room (Spellhold Test).





There are four "craters" in the cave that can be searched, and various items are available for the taking. There is a Random treasure as well as plenty of mundane and enchanted arrows, bolts and bullets. There are also a Crossbow and Longbow. Note that if the containers within are not searched before speaking with the Apparition there won't be an opportunity to loot them before being whisked away from the cave.