Cause Serious Wounds is a 4th level priest spell. It is the opposite of Cure Serious Wounds, allowing the caster to inflict 17 damage to a single target.


This spell is the reverse of Cure Serious Wounds. Instead of healing the creature touched, it causes damage. On a successful touch from the priest, the spell inflicts 17 points of damage upon the target. The next attack that the priest makes will inflict this effect, however, [they] only have 2 rounds to make the attack before the spell fizzles. If the priest misses the target creature, the spell is wasted. There is no Saving Throw.


  • Cause Serious Wounds works like any other spell which conjures a weapon, such as Shillelagh or Flame Blade. The primary difference is that it has a much shorter duration and that the conjured "weapon" disappears on its first attack, even if it misses the target.
  • The conjured weapon deals 17 magic damage, has a -2 THAC0 bonus, and has a speed factor of 1. It does not have a proficiency class, meaning it does not gain any benefits nor does it impose penalties based on proficiency.
    • It strikes as a +6 magical/silver/cold iron weapon.
    • Because the damage is dealt as weapon damage, it bypassess magic resistance; however, magic damage resistance (such as the kind granted by Armor of Faith) still applies normally.
  • Like all spell-created weapons, if a character dual-wields while Cause Serious Wounds is active, their off-hand weapon will not suffer any off-hand THAC0 penalty. This is of limited use, however, given the extremely short duration.

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