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Heee hee he ha! You no fight! You fight, you die! Give all gold and iron or you die! 'Tis simple choices! What I say, or die! Die die DIE!

Cattack is a hobgoblin who leads a band of seven other hobgoblins who, together, belong to the mercenary organization known as the Chill. He is found in the Temple area. As you approach, he demands all of your gold in exchange for your life. You can give him your gold which he will happily take then disappear, however, he and his men pose little threat despite their number and can be easily overcome.

You can also claim to want to join the Chill, but Cattack will consider this an insult and attack.

The encounter is registered in your journal, but not part of a quest:

I have encountered a demihuman group of bandits! Iron and gold were what they wished.

— Journal


When selected - "Clickety click, clickety click. No good you do! Heh heh heh!"

When talked to - "I am Chattack, member of Chill. Chill been ordered to attack all fat humans carrying iron. We do that, we like cause it's fun. We come from bandit base to east."


With his 9 strength he cannot wield the Two-handed Sword he is using.