Carbos is one of the two assassins who tries to murder Gorion's Ward in Candlekeep during the Baldur's Gate Prologue. He approaches them after entering the Bunkhouse.

'Ere there. You're Gorion's little whelp, aren't ya? Yeah, you match the description. You don't look so dangerous to me.

1:-And what business is that of yours?
I'll make it my business if'n I please. Just thought I'd have me a look at you for myself, before I puts a blade down your gullet! Someone seems to think you're trouble, so I'm gonna use your head for a ticket out o' the gutter! I'm just a little street trash hood they say, but I'll show 'em!
2:-That I am. Do I know you?
No, I don't believe you do. I'll not be here long, so it don't matter. You'll not be here long either, so it matters even less. Just thought I'd have a look at you. Pretty face, but I don't see what the fuss is about. No matter. I deliver your skull and I'm set for life.
3:-I am his child, if that is what you mean.
Foster child. Gotta keep it straight. He raised you as his own, but you are not of his blood. Your head ain't worth nothing if you're actually his child. Nah, I know you're the right one. My ticket out of the gutter, soon as I snuff your lights.

Clearly, none of the dialogue options will allow you to avoid a fight.

When you leave the building, you will be approached by your tutor and friend, Karan, who is investigating the commotion. Also, if you have not yet encountered Shank in the Priest's Quarters, a Journal entry will appear in the text pane of the game screen. This same text is saved as an untitled entry in the Journal section of your journal:

Someone wishes me dead! Gorion is right to think we are no longer safe here, though I have no idea why someone would want to cause us harm. The attempt on my life may have been laughable, but I fear there will be more threats to come.

Baldur's Gate II Edit

Both Carbos and Shank return (somehow) in Baldur's Gate II. They are found in the Bridge District of Athkatla, the capital city of Amn, where they fight over a woman named Bubbles. The victor is randomly determined, though Bubbles leaves out of boredom regardless of who survives.

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