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Can't you see I'm busy? My archers need to stay in top form!

Captain Erelon is hired by Balthazar as part of the Army he is building in his conflict with the other Bhaalspawn. He appears to be overseeing a drill for five Mercenary (Archer) soldiers. The captain occasionally summons a creature for the Archers to aim for and slay (such as an Umberhulk). If you initiate talk with the captain, he impatiently says dismissive things to get you to stop bothering him. If you keep interrupting Captain Erelon again, or say the wrong thing, the entire group and the captain will become hostile, and start their target practice on you instead.

Captain Erelon has no weapon proficiencies assigned (yet another oversight?). In melee he wields a Two-handed sword +2, and will cast some spells, if given enough distance he employs the Darkfire Bow and fires normal arrows.

Mod Content[]

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod makes some changes to Captain Erelon. First, He gets a SCS revised script. Also, the Mod fills up the captain's spell book commensurate with a level 16 mage. SCS spell triggers and sequencers are added. Weapon proficiency and fighting style pips are added to go along with the creature's melee and bow weapon (2 pips) in short bow, Two-handed sword and Two-handed weapon style. Random treasures are added to the inventory. If the Spell Revisions Mod is also installed, then that Mods spells will be used by the captain.