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Captain Cernick is the new Keep garrison commander of the guard for the de'Arnise Keep.

A shame Captain Arat retired, my <Lady/Lord>. He felt he had failed Lord de'Arnise somehow... I am Cernick, and I have taken his place as the captain of the guard.


He first appears as just a guard in the courtyard (along with three guards, two giant trolls, and a greater yuan-ti) when the drawbridge is lowered during the liberation of the keep from TorGal and his pack of trolls.

After the liberation of the keep, he is found standing in the courtyard if Gorion's Ward has met the class qualifications to take on the keep as a stronghold. Captain Cernick has taken on the duties of Captain Arat who retired after the keep was liberated. As captain of the guard, he is then involved in two of the problems that must be dealt with by Gorion's Ward in the capacity as ruler of the keep.

Note:As a friendly NPC to the stronghold owner, any hostile attackers within his sight detection range will trigger the Captain to assist the party. This can occur if there are any battles going on in the courtyard of the keep, such as from scripted encounters with Edwin and Degardan, or Jaheria and attacking harpers.


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