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Captain Arat is the garrison commander for the de'Arnise Keep. He is found in the small fort that is located next to the keep. Talking to him will provide the party with a better understanding of what they will face once they get inside. He'll also mention the secret side entrance to the keep and offer to help with the fighting if you are able to quickly get the drawbridge lowered.

If Nalia isn't in the party, he'll give a brief synopsis of what will happen to the keep were she to die. He'll also mention that the only way to kill a troll is with fire or acid.

If Nalia is in the party, he'll reiterate the troll killing tip given by her when you first arrive in the area and he'll also give you 20 arrows of fire.

If Nalia dies during the fight to reclaim the keep, he'll tell you to have her restored immediately to prevent the Roenall family from taking control of the keep and it's surrounding lands. This is a necessary thing to accomplish if you want to finish The de'Arnise Keep has been Invaded quest and to make the keep your stronghold if you satisfy the class requirements.


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