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Within the inner grounds of Candlekeep, there are five mages standing in a circle with each one chanting about a different Alaundo prophecy. They are present during the Prologue and Chapter Six between 6:30 in the morning and 9:30 at night.

Name Prophecy
Chanter Death of Bhaal and creation of Bhaalspawns
Voice of the East Tuigan Horde invasion in year of the Turret
Voice of the North Activation of Dracorage Mythal in year of Rogue Dragons
Voice of the South Time of Troubles in year of shadows
Voice of the West The Plague of Dragons in year of the Wandering Wyrm


The mage known as the Chanter can be found chanting together with the four Voices on the west side of the Candlekeep Library. He can also be found inside the Library on the second floor during Chapter Six.

The Lord of Murder shall perish, but in his doom he shall spawn a score of mortal progeny. Chaos will be sown from their passage. So sayeth the wise Alaundo.


The Chanter doesn't have any dialogue while outside chanting with the Voices, but inside the Library during Chapter Six he does have some limited reply's to questions posed by Gorion's Ward.

Gorion's Ward, you look distressed. What is it, child?

  • 0. Nothing. It's nothing. I'm just finding it very hot in here.
  • Hot? This keep suffers from as many chill drafts as it always has... You look feverish, Gorion's Ward. Go see one of the priests that they may tend to it.
    • 2. Aye, Chanter, I will do that.

(end dialogue)

    • 3. I'm sorry, the world has made a liar of me. In truth, my brow sweats more from fear than from fever. There is something wrong within these drafty halls and I fear I need your help.
  • 1. There is trouble here, Chanter. You must help me.

You are right; I have felt it too. Pray tell me how this aging frame can help you.

  • 4. I must know who has visited the keep lately and where they have spent their time.
    • There have been a few nameless scullery maids, some new Watchers. As for visitors to the library, though, two men from the Iron Throne arrived, what was it, two days ago? Three? They're here for a meeting with two Knights of the Shield who I believe made their arrival yesterday. Much of their time has been spent on the third floor, arranging preliminaries for the meeting. A man named Koveras has arrived as well but he's mainly kept to himself, researching some of Alaundo's prophecies regarding the Time of Troubles, which we keep on the second floor. Other than that, well... there's only been you.

(end dialogue)

  • 5. As Chanter, you know the history of this keep better than any other. I have grown up here, I have played within its walls, but there were many places I was never allowed to go. I am older now and I will go where I must but please, are there any places in this keep of which I was never told?

But— What right have you to ask that, child?!

  • 6. I'm not a child anymore, Chanter... The entire keep is in danger, even its most secret and sacred places... Please, Chanter. Gorion would have had it so.

*sigh* I am growing old and the young are not so young anymore, nor the carefree so carefree... Alaundo the Seer, the one who founded this fortress of knowledge and whose prophecies I chant each day, he is entombed deep in the bowels of this place... I tell you this, Gorion's Ward, because you're right, it is time you knew. But I beg of you, in Gorion's name, do not venture into those trapped and warded halls unless some higher power than myself bids you go. Your stepfather would never forgive me for your loss... I must go now, child—Gorion's Ward... It is time to chant the Seer's prophecies as I always have.
(end dialogue)



The four Voices each chant a different prophecy of Alaundo the Seer.

In the Year of the Turrets, a great host will come from the east like a plague of locusts. So sayeth the wise Alaundo.

— Voice of the East

When conflict sweeps across the Dales the great lizards of the north shall descend with fire and fury. So sayeth the great Alaundo.

— Voice of the North

When shadows descend upon the lands, our divine lords will walk alongside us as equals. So sayeth the great Alaundo.

— Voice of the South

The Wyrm shall wander the earth and such a pestilence will follow in his wake, that all that know of his passing shall be struck down by the plague. So sayeth the wise Alaundo.

— Voice of the West