Baldur's Gate Wiki

The Candlekeep Barracks are located along the southern side of the interior wall that surrounds the Candlekeep Library. The larger Bunkhouse is located next to the barracks.

The barracks are the quarters of The Candlekeep Watchers.


If you successfully(40) loot every container in this building, you will find the following items. But beware, the owners of the chests on the left will come and try to arrest you!


  • An Errand for Fuller – After speaking with Fuller about Hull's belongings, one could offer to run an errand for him and get some bolts off Winthrop in the Candlekeep Inn. If Fuller reacts well to the deliverer, the reward will be better.
  • Hull's Sword – Hull's chest is at the foot of the bed that's located on the right side of the room – the only one there and also the only one that's not locked.
  • Dreppin's Cow – The requested antidote is in that chest as well.