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Ar2600worldmap Candlekeep is one of the areas from the World Map.
What could possibly harm us here? This place is a fortress, and guarded beyond measure.

— Gorion's Ward[1]

Candlekeep is a many towered fortified library in Baldur's Gate that stands on a crag, looking down upon the Sea of Swords.

The library is filled with books and scrolls of knowledge. The Keeper of the Portal only grants entrance to those who can "donate a tome of great value".[2] Thievery and murder will be persecuted by the Candlekeep Watchers. The main gate opens to the Candlekeep Coastway.



Candlekeep is the initial area of Baldur's Gate, where Gorion's Ward learns about how things work in this world, meets people from childhood and others and perhaps solves their problems, has some chances to use fighting skills, probably gears up at the Candlekeep Inn, and finally speaks to Gorion – to leave home, not being able to enter the keep again until Chapter Six.

Important events[]

Gorion, my foster father, has informed me that we must immediately leave Candlekeep and set out on a journey. He has given me some gold, and I must purchase supplies for the road, including weapons and armor.

— Journal: Important Events

Side quests[]

Many inhabitants of the keep ask Gorion's Ward a favor if spoken to. The here given order follows the connections between the quests; though they do not depend on each other, most of them tie in with the next.

See Candlekeep quests for more related quests.

Other events[]

Chapter Six[]

Points of interest[]



​Video guide[]


Baldur's Gate - Candlekeep - Part 1


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On My Own Achievement icon BG1EE

On My Own[]

Leave Candlekeep, the only home you've ever known.

On My Own... Again Achievement icon BG1EE

On My Own... Again[]

Made your way through the catacombs beneath Candlekeep.

Completionist Achievement icon BG1EE


Finish all your chores before leaving Candlekeep.

Back to Basics Achievement icon BG1EE

Back to Basics[]

Speak to all the Candlekeep tutors and learn what they have to teach you.

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