The Argents are destined for greatness. Triumph or death!

Caelar Argent is a female aasimar and lawful good fighter in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.

Gorion's Ward may choose her as a temporary companion.

Background[edit | edit source]

Caelar is also known as The Shining Lady and is the main antagonist during the Siege of Dragonspear.

She hailed from Waterdeep, where her family had ties with the Order of the Aster. Her uncle Aun Argent was a noted paladin in the Order and Caelar was also a member. Divine blood runs through the Argents family, it had lain dormant generations till Caelar was born. As a child of nine, she was tasked to watch over the Order's library where she succumbed to temptation and read aloud from the Tome of The Nine then got herself locked in Belhifet's torture cage in Avernus. Aun Argent made an offer to Belhifet and trade his own soul for Caelar's.

Afterward, Caelar left the order, then she met Hephernaan, a strange cleric who is a servant of Belhifet. Hephernaan hid his true identity well and managed to convince Caelar to lead a crusade to invade Avernus in order to rescue her uncle. They gathered an army and marched to Dragonspear Castle, where it was known that a gate to the Nine Hells existed.

Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear[edit | edit source]

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

Caelar is only available during the final battle against Belhifet in Avernus by the end of Chapter Twelve, to recruit her, you must have at least one free spot in group and choose the right dialogue during the opening scene of the battle, else she either joins as a guest or she fights against you.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

As aasimar she has 50% resistance to fire and cold, plus a natural magic resistance of 10%.

Though she's a unkitted fighter, she has Bless and Cure Critical Wounds as her innates, she also has a unique Shining Bolt ability which works great against devils.

She comes with a set of items which you can't remove from her: Aster's Edge, Solar Aegis, Mail of the Hallowed Hero, and Circlet of the Cynosure.

She's worth a party slot if you plan to keep her alive at the end of the battle to view different endings, but if you intend to let her be a guest, you should conserve some Greater Restoration scrolls to heal her when she's in trouble.

Biography[edit | edit source]

When pressed to reveal her past, Caelar tells a tale repeated a thousand times over in her mind. As a child, Caelar Argent labored under the high expectations that came with her semi-divine heritage. Her early life in a monastery of the Order of the Aster was a hard one as Caelar's temperamental nature did not fit comfortably with the Asters' devotion to discipline. She believed, even then, that she was destined for great things. One day, alone in the chapterhouse library, she attempted to grow her powers by reading from a tome of forbidden knowledge. Instead she unwittingly opened a gate to the realm of the devil Belhifet. Caelar's soul should have been forfeit, but her uncle, Aun Argent, offered himself to the devil prince and was pulled down into the Nine Hells in his niece's place. Caelar never forgot his sacrifice. She vowed that someday, somehow, she would find a way to rescue her uncle from the pit of Avernus. After more than a decade in seclusion, she made contact with the Revered Brother Hephernaan. He offered her a path to Avernus, but walking it would not be easy. She would, he claimed, require three things: an army to fight the legions of the Nine Hells, possession of Dragonspear Castle, and the divine blood that was the key to opening the portal beneath the castle...

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Retreat! Regroup! Morale failure
Surely the gods of light smile on us. Happy
'Tis easy to walk astray from the path of righteousness. Watch your steps. Unhappy-annoyed
We wander too far into darkness. Put me or another righteous soul in charge. I will soon steer us back on course. Unhappy-serious
This is wrong. I'll not stand by and watch you make a mockery of all the principles I hold to. We part ways here. Unhappy-break
Follow me and I shall lead us unto righteousness. Leader
Fatigue plagues me, but I press on. Tired
We should not stand idle while there are good works to be done. Bored
For glory! Battlecry1
The damned shall fall! Battlecry2
I shall send you to the light! Battlecry3
Honor, blood, and victory! Battlecry4
Triumph or death! Battlecry5
Ah! Damage
By the light, heal me! Hurt
I go now... to the light... Dying
The beauty of our world strengthens my resolve. This land is worth protecting. Forest
Even strong walls such as these cannot keep evil from the doors of innocents. City
Here, we shall find enemies worth fighting! Dungeon
The radiance of the light blesses us. Day
Another day passed. Tomorrow shall bring new evil for us to strive against. Night
Aye? Select1
I listen. Select2
Orders? Select3
Yes? Select4
Speak to me.


What is it?


By the light. Action1
Yes. Action2
Verily. Action3
For the glory of the Morninglord. Action4
What do you demand of a daughter of Argent? Action5
I am an aasimar. A child of the heavens. You would do well to heed me. Action6
I... have... THE POWER! Action7
Go into the light. To death-general
Sister! I will avenge you! To death-specific
Feel the power of the divine! Critical hit
I shall strike again. Critical miss
I cannot harm this enemy. We must try something else. Target immune
I have no room to carry that. It is dropped. Inventory full
I claim this for the crusade. Picked pocket
I am hidden from evil's eyes. Hidden in shadows
My spell is lost. Spell disrupted
I have a laid a trap for our enemies. Set a trap

Dialogues[edit | edit source]

It is time this child of Bhaal and I had words.
You have thundered across the land this past year, your actions shaping the fate of nations. I intend to do no less.
We stand poised on the cusp of a new age. Someday, all Faerûn shall look to this moment and say, "Then. That was when everything changed."
Nay, no child of Bhaal am I, nor any other god. I am an aasimar, descended from a solar that blessed my line generations ago. Is blood what matters to you, or the message?
It may seem that we stand on opposite sides, but it is not so. Our goals align closer than you know, and there is much we could achieve together.
In our lifetimes, two Dragonspear Wars have ravaged this land. Fiends set out from the castle, bringing ruin to the land and dragging thousands of innocent souls into the inferno before being beaten back for a time. Those who follow me lost wives and husbands, parents, children, friends... But what was lost can be restored. I will bring those tortured souls back to Toril.
I have heard the whispers. Some see the fire in my eyes and call me mad. I am not. I am ambitious, yes, and I am righteous, but not mad. I see the possibility of a better world than this. And I will make my vision a reality.
I regret the loss of those who stood against me, and trust that, in death, they will come to understand what I could not show them in life. I will honor their passing with the return of the Dragonspear dead.
Arrogant? I serve the gods—you serve the corrupt, the ignorant, ones consumed with territory, gold, power—is that also your legacy, <CHARNAME>? Do you stand with them or for something greater?
Your father was the Lord of Murder. Countless lives were stolen in his name. What if you could restore that balance—bring back those unjustly taken? Would you? Or is the call of your sire's blood too strong?
You have done little to fight the calling in your own blood, and you cannot judge me for the same, Bhaalspawn. Murder beats in your heart, justice and salvation in mine. In the end, we will see which beats stronger.
And so we reach the end of a long, long journey. If you only knew the sacrifices I made to bring us to this point. All of them worthwhile.
I was brought up in the Order of the Aster. My aasimar heritage and the Argent name assured me a place of honor as a paladin of the Morninglord. Or so I thought at the time. I had such confidence then. Such certainty of purpose. I knew I would rise to greatness, knew it in my bones.
All that barred my ascent were my superiors in the Order. They sought to teach me humility; I see that now. But I could not bring myself to bow to their authority. To any authority but Lathander's, perhaps not even his.
I was told to watch over the library. To guard the volumes within, for they held knowledge critical to the order's success in the battle against darkness. I coveted that knowledge. In my arrogance, I read aloud from the pages, not understanding the forces I was invoking...
That was how a girl not yet ten years old found herself in this pit, in that cage.
A heavy toll was paid, by me and those who followed me. A heavier one still was exacted from those who stood in my path. Am I without regret? No. Would I do it again? Without hesitation.
I am an Argent. I hold myself to the highest standard. I know I did evil, though I did it in pursuit of good. I must answer for my crimes.
I can do nothing to change the past. What future I have is here, in this place. That was true from the moment I first summoned Belhifet. Uncle, please, go now, before Avernus's legions overtake us. Do what you can to redeem the Argent name of the shame I brought upon it, I beg you.
The portal can only be closed from this side. Someone must remain behind. I shall sever Avernus's connection to Toril, and then stand guard. Whosoever would cross the threshold to Dragonspear will first face Caelar Argent.

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  • Caelar's in game portrait is based on the model Damianne

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