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Cabrina, a human female Fighter/Thief and messenger from "L", delivering instructions to Hexxat - PPE Mod portrait

Cabrina is a human female fighter/thief bounty hunter messenger sent by "L" to make sure Hexxat receives specific instructions and quests.

Game Play[]

Cabrina will appear outside in the streets of Athkatla after sundown if Hexxat is in the party. This takes place after about one week of time passage. The first time she delivers a message with various dialogue options and replies available. The first message is instructions for Hexxat to enter the Crypts of Durkon and retrieve The Claw of the Black Leopard for the mysterious "L". She is to use the "Casque of Dragomir" in order to "Tomb Walk" - a sort of teleportation traveling method between houses of the dead. This must be done from the Athkatla Graveyard.

After another week, and at nighttime, Cabrina will find the party again with another message from "L". Further chit chat and dialogue options are available. This time, Hexxat is to travel to the "Tomb of the Unproved" and retrieve the Shroud of the Unproved. The Casque of Dragomir will be used to tomb walk as before, from the Athkatla Graveyard.

Game Tip[]

If you are impatient or just would like to speed up the process so that Cabrina arrives to deliver her messages, then activate and use the Console. For EE games use the following: C:SetGlobal("OHH_Cabrinatimer","GLOBAL",1) Use this outside a building in Athkatla for best results. Cabrina should then spawn, and move towards the party and initiate dialogue.