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Bubbles is a female human who is the love interest of both Carbos and Shank, two individuals who were presumed to have been killed by Gorion's Ward in Candlekeep during the Prologue of Baldur's Gate. All three of them are found near the left side of the Estate of Saerk Farrahd in the Bridge District. The two boys end up comming to blows over the young lass, with the winner having lost the girl in the end anyway.


"You shall never have her, you ridiculous fool!" (Carbos)

"No... it is YOU that shall never have her! She loves me!" (Shank)

"No! She loves ME. ME!" (Carbos)

"Boys, boys! *sigh* Don't fight over me, please!" (Bubbles)

"Fight over her? What an excellent idea! Yes, we shall fight over our beloved Bubbles!' (Carbos)

"Yes, that sounds most wonderful. Shall we start now?" (Shank)

"Certainly, if you wish to." (Carbos)

"Certainly!" (Shank)
"*sigh* Well, fine. Go ahead, then. If that's what you boys have to do." (Bubbles)

Fighting commences.

  • If Carbos wins:

"Aha! That moron, Shank, is now dead! I am victorious! Come, my Bubbles... let us go and celebrate this blessed event!"

"Whatever. I'm out of here."

"Bubbles? But... but Bubbles?! Honey melon, where are you going?"

  • If Shank wins:

"Most excellent! I have defeated the loathsome Carbos! Come, my beloved Bubbles... let us go!"

"You splattered blood on my dress, you ignorant dolt! I'm not going anywhere with you!"

"Bubbles! But... but Bubbles! But I love you, my chicken pot pie! Come back!"

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