Baldur's Gate Wiki

Brothel Prison is within the Galvena's Festhall complex and can be reached through a transition doorway from the Cellar of Brothel hallway. This room is used as a prison, and has several individual cells within.


This area has four prison cells, a short corridor and a general receiving room with a table. The only way to gain entry into this prison is with Galvena's Key.


The party will enter this area after obtaining the necessary key, which allows passage through the locked door in the Brothel Cellar. Within can be found Claire, Galvena, and her mage lackey Valdek. When a party member is within a certain range of the three, an automatic initiation of dialogue will occur. This culminates in hostilities, because the party seeks to free Claire. This is part of the Getting inside the asylum quest line.


The table can be searched for a Random treasure.