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Brothel Kitchen) is within the Galvena's Festhall complex and can be reached through a transition doorway from the Cellar of Brothel hallway. This room is a basic kitchen, providing meals and hors d'oeuvre for employees and guests.


This single rectangular room is equipped as a food larder and preparation area. A large table with chairs is in the center, there is a wood fuel oven, some baking bread, sacks of flour, and shelves stocked with pots, pans, spices and other ingredients. There is only one doorway in and out of this area.


The party will enter this area if exploring on their own from the Brothel Cellar hallway or were directed here from the Courtesan Room (Brothel) and told that Ellie the cook might be able to help with spiking some drink or food with a Sleeping Potion for the Brothel Guards, as part of the Getting inside the asylum questline.

Within the room can be found Ellie the cook and her courtesan aide (unnamed). They have various dialogue, mostly regarding Lady Galvena, and how she is disliked, and perhaps they will help the party with the Sleeping Potion plot. If the party enters and they have already initiated hostilities with guard (and therefore the alarm is sounded), then the women will cry out in distress and try to flee. They are classified as "Innocents" by the game and harming them will reduce the party's reputation substantially.