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Brothel HQ is within the Galvena's Festhall complex and can be reached through a transition doorway from the Cellar of Brothel hallway. This room is the Head Quarters forGalvena, the madame of the Brothel, and also serves as her personal quarters.


This single room is richly furnished, with expensive floor tiles and woven carpeting. A canopied four poster bed, sofa and lounge chair is within, as well as a marble bath. There is only one doorway in and out of this area.


The party will enter this area if exploring on their own from the Brothel Cellar hallway or were directed here from the Courtesan Room (Brothel) and if following Ellie the cook's aide as part of the Getting inside the asylum quest, and the Sleeping Potion plot. The room will be uninhabited, unless the Sleeping Potion plot is initiated - and then a Captain Rerdes, the Guard Captain (Brothel) will be within.


A two doored cabinet can be searched which contains Galveena's Key.