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Brothel Front (greeter/guard), sometimes also referred to as front, is a male human Fighter / Mage – of Neutral alignment. He is an employee of the brothel as a hybrid greeter or reception host, as well as a guard. He probably serves some drinks, engages in some off-color humor with clients, and generally shills for the courtesans on "display" outside in front of the brothel.

Hello, my <LADYLORD>, welcome to Lady Galvena's Parlor. How may I serve you?


See the Getting inside the asylum page for particulars of this person's interactions on that questline. Also have a look at the Brothel area page. However, this page adds detail about this creature and any supporting pirate fighter guards in case the party directly engages them in hostilities. Remember, if the party has possession of Galvena's Medallion, then he will believe the party if you are trying to bluff your way inside the brothel interior as a new employee. Without it, he'll think the party is telling a lie, and the whole plan will fail, as well as causing hostilities to all guards in the brothel. Oops.

If hostilities break out, this F/M if not disrupted will attempt to self-buff with a Protection From Normal Weapons and then Mirror Image, and then Protection From Normal Missiles. Offensively, he will then attempt a Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental. This will continue if unmolested with all of the scripted spells shown in the InfoBox. Not much chance of this is probable, as the party, if paying attention can probably disrupt and destroy this relatively weak foe very quickly.

At the outset of hostilities, an alarmscript will summon in several other pirate fighters to assist in the brothels defense. they are melee fighters and aren't really special enough to have their own InfoBox. They attack with their scimitars and will be a relatively minor threat. Perhaps a party member might get a slight wound before being they are overwhelmed.


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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod assigns a new default SCS Fighter/Mage AI to the frontman, as well as slightly revised weapon proficiencies for Halberd use.

As is normally the case with this mod installed, the creature will benefit from a rapid series of instantly applied buffs, making this F/M tougher at the outset of battle. Precast spells include Mirror Image, Haste, Minor Spell Deflection, Shield (spell). Protection From Normal Missiles, Ghost Armor and Stoneskin. Afterwards, the F/M will possibly cast a Remove Magic, or Confusion (wizard) are any of a few offensive damage dealing spells. A Minor Sequencer is also prepared and is scripted to fire during the fight.