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Brothel or Galvena's Festhall is an attached building on the Southwest Part of Brynnlaw, on a main street near the docks. This building has one entrance and serves as a place of business for island visitors to purchase "intimate companionship" with various employed courtesans (both male and female). Drinks and food are available if renting some employee's time, but no lodging is available for party resting purposes.


This single-level structure with a flat roof (that is actually part of the terraced walkway above). It has one doorway to enter and exit. The internal layout for the Brothel entrance is just one room, furnished with a tavern style bar or counter, some shelving, a wood fired stove and tables and chairs. There is locked doorway that leads to the Brothel cellar.


Before attempting to enter the Brothel, it is advised and necessary to gain information from Sanik in the The Vulgar Monkey Inn - and only then visit the Brothel. From a role playing and quest development standpoint it is better that the player passes on visiting the Brothel until enough background is gleaned so the Getting inside the asylum questline and journal entries are set. Only after that point will it make more sense to visit this place. Without the clues given, the party will not have a cohesive set of goals to further the adventure. And frankly, without Sanik's plot global setting correctly, a certain door cannot be opened.

Once the information from Sanik has been obtained, go ahead and visit the Brothel when desired. Speak with a Courtesan out front. Upon entry the group will trigger a greeting from the Brothel's Greeter/Guard. Your the Journal will Update and display:

I have made it inside Lady Galvena's Festhall; now I just need to find Claire and discover what she knows.

The dialogue will basically boil down to two choices to get into the Brothel interior. You can ask to partake in the companionship services, or lie and tell the greeter to relax, and you are a new employee. Follow this link page for details.

If certain conditions are triggered or if the greeter catches you in a lie, or you attack him, then some Pirate Guards appear in the room to assist the frontman, and a battle will ensue. If the Frontman is killed then the party can loot the Guild House Key, which allows entry into the Brothel's Cellar.


None in this area.


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