Brielbara's daughter has been cursed by the mage Yago and is dying. She believes that if she has Yago's Book of Curses she can figure out how to undo the curse herself.

This quest is given by Brielbara in northeast Baldur's Gate. She is standing in the street between the Blushing Mermaid and the Splurging Sturgeon during the daytime. When spoken to she will say that she is looking for a group of mercenaries to do a little work for her. Whether or not Gorion's Ward says they are for hire has no effect on the quest. If the player expresses interest in helping her she says that her daughter Namara was cursed by the evil mage Yago and she will offer the player 200gp to track him down. If the player takes the job she tells them to go to the Low Lantern and retrieve Yago's Book of Curses.

Retrieving Yago's Book of Curses[edit | edit source]

The Low Lantern is located on the southeast side of south Baldur's Gate in a large ship. The entrance does not highlight when tab is pressed and may be hard to find because it's a small trap door in the deck. Yago is in his room on the third level of the ship. He will not lift the curse from Namara willingly and all dialogue with him leads to combat but will surrender when damaged to a very critical state, the player will then be given a choice of whether or not to let him live. Killing Yago yields 1400 XP, knave's robes, and a quarterstaff in addition to his book.

Alternatively the player can pick his pocket to retrieve the book without ever talking to him and avoid combat all together. If the party's thief has an insufficient pickpocket skill a potion of master thievery can be used to boost it by 40%. It may take a few reloads but with a pickpocket skill of 70 or so the book will soon be in the right hands.

Completion and outcomes[edit | edit source]

Once the player has the book they must return it to Brielbara at the Splurging Sturgeon to receive their reward. When the player gives her the Curse Book she thanks them profusely but will not pay them until prompted. If the player asks for payment she will give them the promised 200gp along with 1000 XP and one Reputation point. If the player says that she'll just owe them a favor the party receives only the 1000 XP and Reputation point as a reward.

A charming Yago[edit | edit source]

If you cast charm on Yago he has this to say:

Life has been pretty lousy lately, how about you, friend? My bitch of a wife slept with some elvish mongrel and even had his child. By the Nine Hells, does she ever have gall. Anyway she's not laughing anymore; I cursed the child of that unholy union, so that it would die an early death. I hope the little brat drowns in its own vomit.

— Yago

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When the party agrees to help Brielbara she says she'll be staying at the Splurging Sturgeon for the next few days, but in fact she will wait there forever until the party returns.
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