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Boz is an Ogre and fighter class who is part of the Adventuring Party (Underdark) group encountered in the Underdark.

I will crush you, puny one!

— Boz


Boz is stronger than most other male ogres. His behavior is nothing subtle or particularly tactical in combat. He'll attack the nearest detected enemy until they are dead.

This brutish warrior wields the mighty Dragon's Breath Halberd as his melee weapon, which deals multiple additional elemental damages on any successful hit.

Note that the animation sprite for this creature shows a one handed Morning Star as its weapon - but it will be the halberd used during actual gameplay. The Ogre sprite can't change from how it is designed.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems mod makes a few changes to this creature. He now has a Berserker kit and will initiate the Enrage ability when an enemy is detected.

Halberd weapon proficiency is now 5 pips, which will increase APR, weapon speed factor, THAC0 and damage. 2 pips in two-handed weapon style are assigned. An SCS default script is added to improve tactical decision making and behavior.

With the Rogue Rebalancing mod and a certain component installed, then the Boz will have a THAC0 penalty against the "Shorty" races, as per the 2nd edition D&D ruleset.

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