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Boy is an elven lad with his sister Vilinas. They can be encountered in the elven city during exploration.

N-no... no, Vilanas, it's not monsters. It's... it's just strangers.


Ascend some stairs to the roof a structure (3226.2735) (which is unlabeled and can't be entered) where the two children are hiding. The girl initiates dialogue when a party member is detected.

The two children ask for help. Their parents are missing.

The party has several dialogue replies and different tone and tact it can take with the replies. This is strictly a role-playing opportunity in the game. The player should select whatever direction they think is best for the situation, given the kids are worried and frightened.

Once the final dialogue is finished, the children will depart for the city gates to find safety (they actually leave the map in a few rounds).

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