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A lone Bounty Hunter will appear in numerous locations throughout the town of Nashkel if your reputation is three or less. Depending upon his reaction to Gorion's Ward, it might be possible to bribe him to let you go if you have the right amount of gold coins in your possession.

Killing the bounty hunter will lower what's left of your already low reputation.


" 'Allo friend, nice to see you. Terribly sorry, but I've got the unfortunate duty to tell you that we've come to kill you. Bounty on your heads and all that sort of thing, so if you could just be a sport and prepare to die and all that, we'll get on with the collection proper."

1- Now, can we not come to some sort of agreement? Perhaps a bit of gold to "ease" your conviction to your cause?
"Your crimes have been abominable, but not wholly unforgivable... at the right price. For the life-giving sum of 8,000 gold I will spare your head till another day. That is my offer."
1a- I cannot pay that amount. Could you not make an exception in this case?
"In a word, no. As a duly appointed bounty hunter I hereby claim your head as payment for your crimes!"
1b- Here is your gold. A pleasure doing business with you.
"I did no business with the likes of you. I have never seen you. That is my story and I shall stick to it. Good day."
2- If you think you have the strength to best me, then bring it to bear! Failure means your death!
"I am rather good at what I do, so I doubt failure shall enter into it. Defend yourself!"
3- I have the right to know my accusers! Who has hired you and why?!
"If you must know, local authorities have hired me to bring an end to your murderous ways. Bluntly put, you are a criminal and I am the law. Have you any other questions?"
Perhaps I needn't take your head just yet, friend. Likely though, I will not be quite so easy to dissuade when next we meet. Just a friendly warning.

— Charmed