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There is a pair of Bouncer's standing guard inside the Copper Coronet. Each is located near a locked door that leads to the backrooms of the establishment. They don't have much to say when spoken to.

Beat it. I ain't here t' chat up the customers. If you want somethin', go speak to Lehtinan.


The two doors on the North side of the Copper Coronet tavern are locked, with a posted bouncer in front of it. Trying to open the door shows a text message reading "Locked".

Speaking to either bouncer results in a gruff reply, and the message is the same from both. Some person named Lehtinan must be contacted first apparently. What's behind those doors anyhow? Why are they locked? Why would they need posted guards in front of them? What kind of an Inn is this place?

Pickpocketing one of these bouncers won't turn up a key of any kind.

Attacking these bouncers at this point in the story will lead to problems in the Copper Coronet, as you can imagine. Most of the tavern visitors and all the staff will become hostile. It's going to be a real issue for the party now. This is going to be bad and make for a poor start to the party's adventure.

The introduction of the fact that there are locked doors that can't be accessed is indirectly associated with the Investigate activities in the Copper Coronet's rooms questline that won't be registered in the player's Journal yet, that is if the doors are still locked.

Later in the adventure, it is possible that these bouncers will become enemies and have to be faced in combat.