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Book Merchant is a male with the look of a Nobleman in dress and appearance. He's found in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and the Enhanced Edition only.

Sorry, ain't got much in the way of tomes today. Been real slow here, so's I shipped most of my stock to Athkatla. Ain't talked to anyone in weeks, actually.


He's found within the Imnesvale Inn located in the Umar Hills village of Imnesvale.

If a party member speaks with him, he'll reply politely but is in between resupply of his book merchandise. He no tomes to sell at the moment and nothing interesting to say.

In chapter six it's possible that the Priest of Oghma (Shadows of Amn) in the Temple of Oghma (Athkatla) referenced this book merchant as a possible source of information regarding the party's inquiry into curing vampirism.

Should the party travel to find and see this merchant, then he will answer a question from the party - phrased as:

"I'm looking for information about a tome that details the curing of vampirism."

The dialogue and story told by the merchant will answer the questions the party is seeking. See The final battle with Bodhi page and the "Spoiler" section if the player can't figure out what to do next.