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Boiling Rain Storm is an innate ability effect available to most Steam Mephit creatures in the game saga.


Boiling Rain Storm

This ability calls down a rain of noxious, boiling water. Enemies in the area take 2d6 poison damage and must save vs. Breath Weapon or be stunned for 1 round.


The spell effect is uninterruptable and takes almost no time to deploy. A projectile is launched at a single target in range, but it has an area of effect that can also apply the detrimental boiling rain to any enemies in that radius. A Saving throw vs. Breath will negate.

If the target fails the saving throw the affected creature will be Stunned, display a Stun icon on their portrait, and be Helpless for 1 round. Additionally, the victim will also suffer 2d6 poison damage. As the boiling rain has the equivalent of 2 spell power, a spell protection such as Minor Globe of Invulnerability or similar will stop it, as well as Magic resistance.