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Boareskyr Bridge is an area that accessible only during Chapter 9. Filled with crusaders, protagonist comes here to enter Bridgefort, which can be done by using a magical circle in the eastern part of the area with a certain wardstone obtained from the ruined Temple of Bhaal in Forest of Wyrms.

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Dorn can be recruited here, Neera and Khalid can be recruited inside Bridgefort, but Khalid won't be available until the near end of Chapter 9.

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Achievement[edit | edit source]

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Your Father's Grave Achievement icon SoD.jpg

Your Father's Grave[edit | edit source]

Reached Boareskyr Bridge, the site of Bhaal's death.

A Critical Moment Achievement icon SoD.jpg

A Critical Moment[edit | edit source]

Saved Boareskyr Bridge from destruction at the hands of the crusade.

Not The Battle We Came For Achievement icon SoD.jpg

Not The Battle We Came For[edit | edit source]

Peacefully surrendered Bridgefort to the crusade.

Give The Enemy No Quarter Achievement icon SoD.jpg

Give The Enemy No Quarter[edit | edit source]

Pushed the crusade back across Boareskyr Bridge.

Inside Job Achievement icon SoD.jpg

Inside Job[edit | edit source]

Sabotaged the drawbridge at Bridgefort and let the crusaders in.

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