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Blood Drain is an innate spell ability available to Hexxat in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition only.


Blood Drain

In order to survive, a vampire needs sustenance. This ability will drain the target of 1-4 Constitution and knock the target unconscious for 5 rounds. The vampiric power is unaffected by magic resistance. The vampire can attempt this within 10' of the target.

Saving Throw: Save vs. Death at-2 Negates


Hexxat's player selects this ability from the Blood Drain icon on the vampire's innate abilities menu and selects a single targetable creature.

The ability can only affect creatures that have a general IDS classification of Animal or Humanoid. It won't affect Giant Humanoid, Plant or Undead creatures.

The ability launches instantly, has no spell failure, is unaffected by a Wild Surge and is flagged as a Hostile spell.

The spell has no assigned school, secondary type, bypasses Magic resistance and has zero spell Power level. This makes it essentially unable to be blocked.

However, a Reflected Image or Mirror Image could "fool" the targeting, and potentially cause the spell to miss the target.

The target is allowed a Saving throw vs. Death (with a 2-point penalty). If the save is achieved, then the ability is negated and fails to cause any effect to the target, except the caster will be paused for 1 round (unable to act).

If the saving throw is missed, then the ability will cause the following effects:

- The caster is paused (unable to act) for 1 round.

- The target loses from 1 to 4 Constitution attribute points. There is a 25% probability - randomly determined chance between 1 and 4 constitution points being reduced, for a duration of five rounds.

- The target is affected by an animation change sequence lasting 1 round to simulate an Unconsciousness/Sleep status effect. There is no applicable immunity to this.

- A text string display on the combat log reads "Constitution Modification".

A Dispel Magic effect can remove the Sleep effect (it only lasts a round anyway), but there is no easy way to restore the lost constitution except to wait for the duration to expire.

Despite the ability's description - this spell doesn't provide any tangible sustenance to Hexxat - such as healing, extra HP or Constitution. It's also not coded to make the target Unconscious for 5 rounds.

Note: This spell needs some in game testing (currently not performed as of this writing). Some spell effects are applied in a repetitive staggard interval with a 6 and 12 second delay. Need to see what's going on here. This spell construction is a Beamdog coded product and different than the older Bioware .SPL file methods.