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Hazif Hazif 27 January

Telamon's companions through an EET campaign

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 BG1:EE
    • 2.1 Prologue
    • 2.2 Chapter One
    • 2.3 Chapter Two
    • 2.4 Chapter Three
    • 2.5 Chapter Four
    • 2.6 Chapter Five

I've rolled a Chaotic Good Elf F/M/T named Telamon. I've started an EET game for the first time, with the addition of two more mods, "The Gorgon's Eye" and "3.5 Edition Weapon Style Rebalance", and I'm playing on core rules with max hit points on level up.

For a bit of extra difficulty, I have the "auto-pause on enemy sighted" turned off. I'm also trying to avoid reloading much — I haven't reloaded so far for any of my companion's deaths for example. But when Telamon died (once so far) I reloaded, and I've also reloaded some of the fights that I played while half-asleep and went pretty bad, and on some failed pickpocketing attempts, that kin…

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Hazif Hazif 23 October 2023

How a Bard used a couple of potions to upgrade himself and the whole party

BG:EE Chapter Five (inside Baldur's Gate).

  • 1 The beginning
  • 2 Another consideration
  • 3 Final stop
  • 4 More can be done
  • 5 TL/DR
  • 6 Note
  • 7 Trivia

Garrick drank a Potion of Mind Focusing in order to have a better chance of learning some spells. He had just leveled up but had no level 3 spells to memorize. Imoen had a few such scrolls in her case, but our party also visited Sorcerous Sundries to buy some more. Imoen took the party leader's position and used a scroll of Friends before starting to barter. We also bought some more stuff we wanted while we were there, including a couple of wands. Garrick managed to learn Fireball, Skull Trap, and Vampiric Touch from level 3 spells, but also level 2 Invisibility and Knock, and level 4 Greater Malison and Minor Globe o…

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Old Barbarian Old Barbarian 25 September 2023

Ask Away

Feel free to ask me for help on the DnD lore, especially regarding Druids

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Hazif Hazif 2 June 2023

BG2ee - A battle at the Guarded Compound - with screenshots, without cheese

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Ground floor
  • 3 Second floor
  • 4 Conclusion

My party consists of me (Chaotic Neutral male Elf FMT lvl 9/10/11), Minsc (lvl 11), Jaheira (lvl 9/12), Aerie (lvl 10/11), Keldorn (lvl 11), and Haer'Dalis (lvl 14). We are at SoA chapter 3 and we haven't been outside of Athkatla yet. Me and my party had entered the Guarded Compound previously, but after seeing how capable the enemies are there, I decided to reload and come back later.

After much time had passed, gaining more experince and better gear in the meantime, I was doing the "Cult of the Eyeless" questline with a somewhat different party, and I had in mind that after finishing it I wanted to go during night time to the Docks, in order to do the 1st task of Aran Linvail for the Shadow Thi…

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Haximus Thunderburp Haximus Thunderburp 29 January 2023

Skipping the Irenicus intro cutscene in a new game in original edition

It's often useful to start a new game when testing the original edition of BG2, but there is no way to skip the incredibly long cutscene. The following instructions lets you modify a single file, AR0602.BCS, to skip the entire damn thing. The newly created character will receive 3 points of damage instantly, their cell will open and Imoen will be teleported nearby, added to the team with both her intro and post-rest dialogues skipped. The game will not be saved automatically.

The character's starting gold and inventory will not be removed. Certain unique items are to be found again later in the game so you'll have two copies, but this was only made for testing purposes with wiki editing in mind so it's fine. I made it on BG2ToB 2.5.26498.


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GreyElf-BG GreyElf-BG 5 April 2022

Editor Tips & Tricks

Just a few things I've picked up along the way. Hopefully they may help other editors in creating a new page, or editing an existing page

  • 1 Snippets
  • 2 Finding Help
  • 3 Lookup before Create
  • 4 Preview before Save

I find it convenient to have various Text files with Code Snippets for fast/easy use.

One file is just an "Editing Notes" file, with a lot of useful Templates and Pre-Formatted text that are used frequently. For example, Game Icons & their Help pages, put them inside squigglies two left "{" and two right "}":

  • Template:BG - Classic BG -

Other snippet/text files are for InfoBoxes (one to a file). Each file is essentially an Empty InfoBox for quick Copy/Paste (either the entire template for a new page, or just the fields that are missing from existi…

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GreyElf-BG GreyElf-BG 19 March 2022

Editor Mentorship

What follows is simply my Opinion which you may either Leave or Take (opinions being what they are, now-a-daze: 1-in-7,000,000,000+ and Counting), but this has been my experience to-date with editing the Baldur's Gate Fandom Wiki.

It includes what I believe to be some good advice for anyone else who follows in the, or blazes their own, path as a BG Wiki Contributor, whether it's for the Original BG1, TotSC, BG2SoA, BG2ToB, or (myself, having never played...) TBP, SoD, TBP2:GoT, or EE games.

Too few of the original Creators/Editors of the Baldur's Gate Fandom Wiki are around now to provide useful Tips/Tricks, and in short, Mentorship to fast-track you into the superb editors that we could now use to complete the BG Fandom Wiki's. Of course, …

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Mortain87 Mortain87 5 December 2019

My ToDo list for this wiki

My forgetful me needs a reminder of all the project I started or want to tackle:

Interactive world maps
Add checkboxes for ToDo Lists
Tackle the big project of Areas
Finish the Achievements project
Develop a new Module that allows overlays activated by checkboxes
Interactive maps for each area containing:
Important Characters
Quest Points
Spawn Points
Buildings and transitions to other maps. Possible subcategories:
Generic Buildings
Extend NearInfinity to extract information automatically
Learn how to use a bot software to:
upload missing images automatically
get the article content
transfer information from NearInfnity to infobox format automatically
adapt all the pages to how they are supposed to look like:
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Mortain87 Mortain87 27 October 2019

Black Pits II Solo Sorcerer Walkthrough

Playing Black Pits II several times made me realize that there is no easy walkthrough for solo Sorcerers in Legacy of Bhaal, which is probably easier then insane because of the saving throws bug, now that I think of it. I will play each battle several times and try to find the easiest way to beat that battle.

The spells in the tables below are sorted in selection order meaning the top ones should be selected before the lower ones in the list.

It does not matter how the creature dies since there is no loot. So Chromatic Orb and imprisonment will be your best killer spells to use in most of the hard fights. You can fight creature to level up between fights in the training area (TA) with Greater Wyvern (GW) being the most rewarding. Here you wi…

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Mortain87 Mortain87 19 October 2019


I was wondering if there is a way to see all the users in this community or can you only see the top 19 in a list? How many are in this wiki anyway?

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Mortain87 Mortain87 19 October 2019

Adding missing images

I am using Near Infinity to get the missing images in the wiki but there is so much inconsistency which makes the search for already existing images hard. Am I searching the files wrong? What would be the best way? I usually try first with the file name from near infinity export and then with the item name. Sometimes when the name is identical I get a warning which is nice but not enough. Additionally Near Infinity or the infinity engine separates the tiles which contain water in a weird way which is very hard to combine in Paint. Does anyone know how to extract the maps already together? Or a good way to put them together?

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GorionsWard GorionsWard 3 September 2019

Currently Soloing BG2:EE as F/M/T

I'm currently trying a solo run as an F/M/T.  I read how these characters suffer from slow level progression (since the XP is divided over 3 classes) so I wondered if a solo run would help compensate.  My conclusion is that IT DOES.  I am using lots of "cheese" techniques (Fog of War, Simulacrum, and Meta Trapping) but I was able to finish Watcher's Keep before heading off to Spellhold! I've just reached Amkethran and am curious to see how Abazigal's Lair will go.

OK, just killed Draconis.  The approach that worked for me was to lay several Spike Traps a good distance from the encounter (so they wouldn't be triggered by the Invisible Stalkers he initially conjures). I had a Clone lay them for me and then had the clone cast a protection from…

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Ranime Codexer Ranime Codexer 27 August 2019

Campaign Settings

An old post to my Talk page had a user commenting on just how I "knew" the Solamnic Knights and the Cannibal Halflings in Lavok's Sphere were from other settings. They brought up a good point about how other fans without a comparable experience with or understanding of the AD&D multiverse might find such articles confusing.

I have no idea how to address this problem. I have no idea where to even begin making a page or a category to try and explain the Campaign Settings of AD&D and the complex multiverse they co-inhabit within the confines of the game. But I figured I could at least make a blog post to provide some basic understanding of this multiverse.

TSR promoted three major campaign settings as the "core" of Dungeons & Dragons; the Forgot…

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Kinoshita tokichiro Kinoshita tokichiro 28 November 2018

Level Squatting

I used to do level squatting in classic BG when I want to get late game NPC like Alora, Coran, Skie, or Yeslick. The game tends to mess their HP/skill/weapon proficiency when I get them in higher level.

In BG:EE, the NPC's starting level are not determined by your party average level, but they get bonus XP based on your (or party?) XP. The bonus XP is capped at 32000 so I can level up them quickly. The level squatting is still useful if I want to get some NPC with dual-class option like Shar-Teel. But she's easy to find, available in chapter 1 and can dual at level 6 or 7 before changing into Thief class.

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Majorman86 Majorman86 9 March 2018

Alignments, my "raw models"

Based on superhero movies and animated series:

  • 1 Lawful Good
  • 2 Neutral Good
  • 3 Chaotic Good
  • 4 Lawful Neutral
  • 5 True Neutral
  • 6 Chaotic Neutral
  • 7 Lawful Evil
  • 8 Neutral Evil
  • 9 Chaotic Evil

  • Batman - the "struggling LG". He follows a firm set of principles during his vigilante work (no martial weapons, no killing, etc.) and wants to bring law and order to Gotham. However it often backfires due to corrupt legal system, poor security (especially in Archam) or Harvey Dent going insane. So batman often questions whether being lawful (sticking to his own rules) promotes good (ridding the streets from crime) in Gotham.
  • Captain America - definitely a lighter version of the LG stereotype. These guy has been serving as the natural leader of good aligned parties, works well …

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EibhilinRhett EibhilinRhett 18 December 2017

Pray for me

I have been rereading the Baldur's Gate novelization and taking DETAILED notes for the purpose of adding an actual comprehensive plot summary to its wiki page in place of the stub that's there now. 

I am currently halfway through the book, and though I do not hate it quite the way many members of the fandom do, actually reading it and SERIOUSLY THINKING ABOUT IT for note-taking purposes is tiring me out and taking its toll. 

Pray for me. Pray for my sanity. I WILL accomplish this. I have to. Otherwise, someone else will suffer in my place. 

EibhilinRhett (talk) 07:05, December 18, 2017 (UTC)EibhilinRhett

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Gejadus Gejadus 18 September 2017

The Black Pits II: Gladiators of Thay Walkthrough (Strategy) by Gejadus

Gejadus' Walkthrough (Strategy) for The Black Pits II: Gladiators of Thay.

You've been captured by evil powerful hunters led by The Winged!
You find yourself in a huge prison with other prisoners and you have to be a gladiator in an arena. You are determined to survive and want to escape your prison. You want to be a free man/a free woman again!

Party members:
Your goal is your freedom! In order to escape the prison you finally have to defeat an extremely powerful opponent: The Winged! Even worse she's supported by other powerful creatures!
From this perspective you have to choose and create your party members carefully! There are many options. You can have up to 6 party members or just choose one! High level Mages or Witches (Sorcerers) are very …

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WindOfTheUnwrittenLaw WindOfTheUnwrittenLaw 28 August 2017

I did it, finally!

Game over!

the only content left to play the SOD, which i almost finished if not for the program having an identity crisis towards the end.

i dont know if any one will ever read this, but this wiki got me through, some times it pulled me along and some times i desired to create new content.

Once SOD content is done i will likely cease to contribute to the wiki any more, but till that time expect more crap tastic intial pages from me!

02:04, August 28, 2017 (UTC)

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WindOfTheUnwrittenLaw WindOfTheUnwrittenLaw 20 August 2017

TOB progress!

Good morning every one!

I am currently churning through TOB, right now in Sendai's enclave.

last blog post was over a year ago, since then i have beaten SOA, and finished most of The Pre Seq.

as when ever i play i will constantly reference the Wiki, as proof to the genesis of new pages in the Wiki.

Sorry for their lack of content, i know it would be better to make one great page then a score of lesser pages, but the better Wiki Folk then me must pick up where i leave off.

once i finish TOB, i will reset all my programs (the mods seem to get in the way) and finish TPS. then i will be working on the side content.

Hope all are having a wonderful Saturday, quick break before i go back to the game!


WindOfTheUnwrittenLaw (talk) 17:50, August 20,…

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Islandking Islandking 23 June 2017

Companion pages Reorganization, "done"; Infobox Overhaul, "done"

Companion pages finally feel neat & organized, takes a lot of time & work reading, structuring, adding info (especially the SoD part), but worth it, should be set as models for future references to let editors know where to add which info on these pages.

All current Infoboxes Overhaul complete, before they are informative, but a bit messy, now every piece of info is where it should be, adding lots of missing sections too.


  1. Adding quotes, dialogues
  2. Adding voices to quotes dialogues
  3. Adding new pages, specially SoD info
  4. Randomly create/upgrade other pages, like Speed Factor, World Map, etc

Islandking (talk) 08:27, June 23, 2017 (UTC)

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Islandking Islandking 18 May 2017

Tablets cell phone users can play SoD in the upcoming EEv2.4

  • The main feature of the upcoming EE patch v2.4 is to (finallly) expand SoD to tablets platforms, it will fix some bugs as well but don't count on new features - there'll be few. Version 2.4 is likely to be the final offical patch for the EE versions of games.
  • A new verision (v31) of the all-popular SCS is being developed by DavidW, release date is unknown. Islandking (talk) 08:59, May 18, 2017 (UTC) 
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Islandking Islandking 18 May 2017

Installing Sword Coast Stratagems (SCS) on EE

As of the current version of EE (v.23673) and SCS (v.30), you need to use Big World Fixpack to make them work together, you must apply the fixes before installing SCS, so do for all other mods that need fixes.

I'd just use Big world Setup to save all the trouble, an excelent mod managing tool, try it you'll see. Islandking (talk) 07:57, May 18, 2017 (UTC)

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Dsurian Dsurian 26 October 2016

Dsurian's Character Creation

This is merely a write-up/walk-through for how I generally approach Baldur's Gate 1. It's primarily for my own recollection, but if others wish to use and review it, they're certainly more than welcome to. To best describe my play-style, I always like to play core rules, but admittedly hate the few negative side effects that come with it (no auto-writing scrolls, no auto-max-health levels, etc.), while I certainly won't be "cheating" by using console commands or anything, I'll likely take the time to plan and act out the most advantageous approach.

  • 1 Creation
    • 1.1 Stats
  • 2 Prologue
  • 3 Chapters 1-2
    • 3.1 Mutamin's Garden
    • 3.2 Imoen
  • 4 Chapters 3-4

I practically always go with a Human Warrior (Fighter or Ranger), generally without any specialty kits as I ca…

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Jancos Jancos 6 September 2016

List of notable items in Baldur's Gate

Page is under construction

  • 1 Weapons
    • 1.1 Axes
    • 1.2 Daggers
    • 1.3 Flails & Morning Stars‎
    • 1.4 Long Bows
    • 1.5 Long Swords
    • 1.6 Scimitars & Wakizashi's & Ninja-to's
    • 1.7 Short Swords
    • 1.8 Two-handed swords
    • 1.9 Warhammers
  • 2 Armor
    • 2.1 Amulets
    • 2.2 Arm protection
    • 2.3 Boots
    • 2.4 Cloaks
    • 2.5 Girdles
    • 2.6 Helmets
    • 2.7 Plate Mails
    • 2.8 Robes
    • 2.9 Rings
  • 3 Other
    • 3.1 Tomes
    • 3.2 Other
  • 4 Tips

Evermemory can be sold for 9000 gold to give you money from start.

Pick some +1 weapon that will not get broken due to iron crisis after start.

You will loose almost every item in start of BG2.

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Jancos Jancos 1 September 2016

Useful items in Baldur's Gate 2

  • 1 Weapons
    • 1.1 Flails and Morning Stars
      • 1.1.1 After Irenicus dungeon
    • 1.2 Hammers
  • 2 Armor, clothes, jewellery
    • 2.1 Belts
    • 2.2 Cloaks
    • 2.3 Plate Mail
    • 2.4 Rings
  • 3 Others

Flail of Ages - De'Arnise Keep

Wyvern's Tail +2 - Sewers (Temple District)

The Sleeper +2 - Bernard (after freeing Hendrak)

Crom Faeyr - Bring the Hammer of Thunderbolts (Mind Flayer's Lair ), the Gauntlets of Ogre Power (Lavok's Sphere), the Girdle of Frost Giant Strength (Underdark), the Crom Faeyr Scroll (Shadow Dragon Cavern in Temple Ruins) and 10000 gold to Cromwell by the Athkatla Docks

Belt of Inertial Barrier - Trademeet - Merchant after completing Dealing with the Trademeet Genies

Cloak of the Sewers - Sewers (Temple District)

Full Plate Mail - Sewers (Temple District)

Ring of Earth Control - De'A…

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Jancos Jancos 22 August 2016

List of important items in BGEE

to delete

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Inain Inain 28 June 2016

Viconia's dilemma

Viconia is a dark elf you encounter in Peldvale being hunted by a flaming fist guard. She will ask for your help in the flight. When the flaming fist guard speaks to you he will say that he will kill Viconia inmmediately, for she has supposedly commited a crime (which should be murder). What will you do? Kill Viconia believing without question to the guard, who is a representative of law-enforcement, or help her to give her a chance?

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Echoes of Fate Echoes of Fate 30 April 2016

Characters and Creatures Needed

Aasim Aawill Abela the Nymph Abishai Achon Acolyte Byron Acolyte Lara Acolyte Vilon Acton Balthis Addy Adherent Adratha Adsaan Adventurer Aerial Servant Air Aspect Air Elemental Air Mephit Ajantis Akae Alai Alan Blackblade Alar Alatelo De Bonito Alatos "Ravenscar" Thuibuld Alchra Diagott Alenina Alexander Alfons the Tax Collector Algor Alhelor Alhoon Alianna Alibakkar Guard Alnarow Alphonse Altar Altheia Alu-Fiend Alustriel Alyra Am-Si Ama Amac Amalas Ameralis Zauviir Amnish Bodyguard Amnish Centurion Amnish Legionary Amuana Anarg Anath Ancan Andante Andar the Pirate Andorian Andrew of the Dice Angel the cat Angelo Anguiliian Annalynn Announcer Anomen Antenos Anti-Paladin Aphril Apparition Apprentice Apprentice Torturer Douglas Aranthis Archivist Arenthis Arghh Arkanis Gath Arm…

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Khyeron Khyeron 21 April 2016

Of admins and Core Rules.

This entry will be edited as time goes:

Core Rules:  I had originally posted this in one of the talkback comments, but an admin whose suffix/title rhymes with the one Zhar and Xzar use, took umbrage with some of my posts.  Since admins wield sticks of power and this fellow is a self admitted mage player, we'll presume he's not to be trifled with unless within crossbow or grappling range.  :)

Anyways, here goes.

Coincidentally, and this may be the wrong place to post this, but I noticed "Core Rules" excludes a big one, which still shocks me that it wasn't FIXED by now, not even for the Enhanced Edition.  People insta-die the moment hps reach 0.  You'd think with "Core Rules" as a setting, people would spend the next 10 rounds bleeding to death…

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WindOfTheUnwrittenLaw WindOfTheUnwrittenLaw 12 April 2016

To finish these games for once!

Hello all!

I started playing BG1 when it was first released in (if my memory serves me right) the PC Gamers Demo CD pack (for the younger readers in the audience, this magazine came with the latest Demo for games) and I was smitten, being that I was rather young and some times rather "john come lately" I thought that 18/99 was the highest and 18/00 was the lowest.... yeah, just imagine how many times I passed over 18/00....

anyway, I eventually (the second time with out Gate Keeper) beat BG 1, however life always got in the way of me beating BG2, and now I am replaying BG1:EE, with intent to play all the way through.

I play catch as catch can, but would enjoy fellowship in either an audience or other people to play with.

Currently I am running…

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Echoes of Fate Echoes of Fate 6 April 2016

Articles Needed

Note that this is for BG and BGII only because I don't have the Enhanced Edition. This is mostly for me to keep track of what articles need to be added still, but if anyone else wants to use it, feel free. Post a comment if you see anything I missed or have a suggestion. I will remove links as they become articles. More will be added soon!

Abazigal's Wardstone

Abela the Nymph

Activation Stone

Adjatha The Drinker

Aerie's Baby

Aerie's Body

Air Library Note

Air Scepter


Am-si's Key

Amuana's Bones

Amulet of Seldarine

Andris' Journal

Anomen's Body

Arbane's Sword


Axe of Hrothgar

Azlaer's Harp

Bala's Axe

Barl's Antidote

Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs. Shapeshifters

Beastmaster Key

Beating Heart

Beholder Eye



Belladonna flowers

Big Metal Rod



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Echoes of Fate Echoes of Fate 26 March 2016


Help Korgan recover the Book of Kaza.

I have joined with Korgan Bloodaxe to gain the Book of Kaza for a collector by the name of Pimlico. It is apparently in a tomb beneath the Grave District.  One of the crypts apparently leads to a lower, older section rumored to contain undead...but also the tome.

It appears that the Book of Kaza was taken from the tomb by former companions of Korgan's.  We must go to Pimlico's house in the Temple District to see if we can head them off and recover the book.

It appears that Korgan's former friends weren't satisfied with whatever reward Pimlico was offering. They killed the collector and, according to Korgan, will likely be drinking their gains on the roof of the Copper Coronet.  Korgan wishes to go pay his…

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Valferys Valferys 8 November 2014

Returning to the game

Just recently started BG 1 again - original release, im not cool enough to own the EE quite yet - and am thinking of making some changes to the way i used to play...

Mainly party choices... I usually keep with the staple team: Imoen, Khalid, Jaheira, Minsc, Dynaheir... I think this time through, I may start swapping out some of the "cannon" members for some of the other NPCs.. I dont think it will interfere with continuity between BG 1 and 2, seeing as how Imoen, Jaheira and Minsc can have an explanation as to why they were around Baldur's Gate when captured by Irenicus; they dont need to be directly involved in my BG 1 exploits...

Where I think I will keep Imoen around just cause of the storyline spanning both games, I kinda feel the rest a…

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Orkamat Orkamat 11 May 2014


Among the first things I did here was to Americanize spelling (eg. Armor instead of Armour), even though it pained my Canadian heart to do so (not really), because that's the way things are spelled in all DnD documentation and publications.

Lately, I've added Internationalization to the list of things I do now and then. That's a big word for basically two simple things:

  • European 1st floor = American 2nd floor. Americans count the floors of a building from the ground up, while Europeans count starting from the floor above the ground floor. In an effort to provide a neutral description that will confuse neither group, I've begun replacing "1st floor" with phrases such as "top floor" or "middle floor."
  • Decimals. American 1.5 = European 1,5. Whil…
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Orkamat Orkamat 6 April 2014

One More Time, With Feeling!

I'm now on the fifth restart of this, my third third install/session of Baldur's Gate, following major experiments with the effects of 19 Charisma and 19 Dexterity on quests and gameplay, major explorations and re-explorations of game areas to establish "Transitions" reasonably definitively, acquiring and re-acquiring quests, completing and re-completing quests, etc. etc.

You might say I've been a touch obsessive. You might be right.

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Orkamat Orkamat 24 March 2014


[Edit: This section has been made moot, sort of, by someone's addition of the category "Unmarked quests." I had almost, finally, decided on the category "Encounters" which fits a larger proportion of these non- and semi-quest articles, but... que sera, sera, as Doris Day said.]

I'm about done (overdone?) with the Prologue now, except that there are a number of quest-like incidents that I can't quite decide what to do with:

  • Scamming the Nobles
  • Assassins: Shank & Carbos
  • Fuller’s Dagger
  • Jondalar’s Training
  • Gatewarden’s / Obe's Training
  • A Potion from the Clinic

They're not exactly quests, although Obe's Training already has an article in which it is presented as a quest. They are, however, significant encounters, some of which advance knowledge of the…

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Orkamat Orkamat 19 March 2014

Too much?

I've recently begun doing some rather major expansions to wikia entries for the Prologue stage of tBaldur's Gate. Before I get too, too carried away, I'd appreciate some feedback from other editors, and from any users that may find their way here, too. 

I used to tease my father that his motto was: "If a job is worth doing, it's worth overdoing." Am I turning into my father?

Prime examples of possibly overdone entries include Gatewarden, where I may have gone overboard with the dialogue, and Cat, which is brief but entirely unnecessary. (Which is why i love it! I'll admit that I have a tendency to get silly, imagining that it balances somehow with my tendency to get pedantic.)

What do you think?

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Ranime Codexer Ranime Codexer 2 December 2013

Quests of Unfinished Business, Round 3

Two more Unfinished Business quests have revealed themselves to me; one a modification of an older quest, as was the case with Neb, the other totally new.

In vanilla Baldur's Gate II, this mad spider-loving woman attacks the player on sight. In Unfinished Business, a diplomatic party can pass her by in peace - indeed, if they're polite, Pai'na offers them a job.

Pai'na is a half-drow druid of the Hive Master kit, which means she focuses her attention on protecting insects - specifically, giant spiders. As a result, she's very upset that the government has a pair of lunkheaded exterminators running around willy-nilly killing spiders off in the sewers under the Temple District. She can't confront them directly because they have in their posses…

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Ranime Codexer Ranime Codexer 2 December 2013

Quests of Unfinished Business, Round 2

Welp, time for the second entry in what I hope will be a series about the new quests added to Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn by installing the mod "Unfinished Business". As long as the admins don't object, and I keep finding them, I'll keep doing them.

To trigger this quest, one must have Unfinished Business installed, have Minsc in the party, and leave the Docks district in Athkatla. Other requirements are unknown at this point.

Upon arriving in the new area, Minsc will have a sudden freak out as he discovers that Boo has gone missing. If Gorion's Ward does not react in too harsh a manner (which will cause Minsc to leave the game permanently), Minsc will plead to be taken back to the Docks, which is where he last saw Boo.

Since the loss of…

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Ranime Codexer Ranime Codexer 30 November 2013

Baldur's Gate and 4e

As much as I love the story of Baldur's Gate, I cannot deny that I have always found the 2e ruleset that it operated under to be clunky and awkward - do not get me started on dual-classing vs. multi-classing, or racial class restrictions. So, I was something of an evolutionist for D&D rulesets, up until 4e gave way to Essentials.

As a result, just for fun and a bit of brain exercise, I've been giving some thoughts to what classes and alignments the various characters from Baldur's Gate might have been if it was made under 4th edition rules.

Now, to clear the air first up, this is just for fun. I don't mind people posting comments about their own interpretations of a given character, and I am willing to consider other viewpoints, but let's no…

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Ranime Codexer Ranime Codexer 29 November 2013

Quests of Unfinished Business

I've never done a blog post before, so I'm not 100% certain of the appropriate etiquette to be using here. I do apologise if things are said here that I'm not supposed to say.

I only recently began playing Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn with the Unfinished Business mod included, but I found myself intrigued. Right out the gate I found myself stumbling across one of the promised new quests. Now, while I have asked an admin, I doubt that entries on such quests will ever be allowed on here. So, I figured: if I have inspiration for writing articles about UB-exclusive quests, why not make a blog serial out of them? And so, without further ado, the first in what I hope will be a series on the quests included in Unfinished Business.

  1. 1: Kalah, Jaf…

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Tommy2215 Tommy2215 6 August 2013


I'm just doing this to get the badge.

I♥Baldur's Gate

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23dutch45man 23dutch45man 20 December 2012

Uploading a lot of pictures items

Since I got a lot time left since my holiday started, I am going to upload a lot of pictures in a few days. Some of it are pictures which I posted earlier, but was not satisfied about the quality and of items which are not yet on the wiki. It's like 250 pictures about now and I haven't processed all screenshot yet.

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Scribwik Scribwik 13 January 2012

Chapter 1 Completed

Hi folks, so chapter one is completed.

This means that all the info for subquests in candlekeep, candlekeep coastway, coast way amd the friendly arm inn are detailed and up to date.

Im working on beregost atm.

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