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A Bloated Spider is a unique spider introduced with the Enhanced Edition of Shadows of Amn and is only found in the Tomb of the Unproved during the Hexxat's request quest.


Upon initiation of combat, the bloated spider will begin its 40 foot ranged attack by lobbing greenish-looking poison blasts every 1.5 rounds, at a speed of 3 with zero enchantment, towards the first party member in sight. It has no melee attack ability. This is partly a purposeful attribute since the spider will release five Small Spiders upon death, but only if it is within eyesight of a party member.

If the spider is engaged in melee combat, first it will try to run away so it can use its ranged attack. If this is not possible and it is killed (either by a melee hit or a ranged weapon hit), the small spiders will instantly appear and attack. They are hasted on their movement rate only so their attack damage is not super lethal as they possess no poison ability.

Killing the bloated spider from beyond of its range of sight, using long range area effect items such as wands or potions or through the use of spells, will not lead to the small spiders being released.