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Bless is a 1st level priest spell. It boosts the morale and combat capabilities of friendly creatures.


Upon uttering the Bless spell, the caster raises the morale of friendly creatures by +1. Furthermore, it raises their attack and damage rolls by +1. The caster determines at what range (up to 40 ft.) the spell will be cast. At the instant the spell is completed, it affects all creatures in a 15-ft. radius centered on the point selected by the caster (thus, affected creatures leaving the area are still subject to the spell's effects; those entering the area after the casting is completed are not).


  • Internally, Bless is handled as the positive status effect "Bless (non-cumulative) (130)" and can be seen on the character record screen.
  • The THAC0 and damage bonuses are shown on the inventory screen; morale is not viewable in-game.
  • This spell provides one of the few available non-strength-based bonuses to damage.  This makes it highly useful for thieves, since such damage is multiplied by backstabs.

See also[]

  • Lon's Amulet - provides the benefits of Bless while equipped
  • Glimmer of Hope - Mace that has a chance of casting Bless on hit
  • Chant, 2nd level priest spell - similar AoE buff with additional properties

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