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Blazing Glory +3 is a magical morning star obtained from Mizhena in Chapter 11 of Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear, as a reward for solving the quest "Mizhena's father".


This glittering morningstar was crafted by weaponsmiths in the Temple of Tempus in Waterdeep. Fashioned as a weapon for Tempus's priests, who cannot use their deity's favored weapon due to its bladed edge, Blazing Glory has a black iron tip studded with points of alternating gold and ruby. Enchantments harden these points and add a flash of fire with every blow. The wielder of Blazing Glory never tires in battle, fortified by the will of the Lord of Battles himself.


  • Blazing Glory resets Fatigue on anyone that equips it, and the wielder stays protected from further fatigue.
  • On each successful hit, there's a 10% chance that Chant will be cast centered on the wielder at their Priest level. (Level 1 for characters unable to cast divine magic, which for Chant only matters against Dispel Magic.)