The Blacktalons, also referred to as the (black) Talons, are a mercenary band exclusive to humans and lead by Taurgosz Khosann. The group was hired by Sarevok Anchev to help him stage an Iron Crisis in the lands around Baldur's Gate. While the Iron Throne was busy contaminating the ore mined in the Nashkel Mines, the Blacktalons and another mercenary organization, the Chill, were expected to attack and raid caravans transporting iron and weapons in the area around Baldur's Gate and protect the secret ore mine of the Iron Throne hidden deep within the Cloackwood Forest. As part of Sarevok's plan, the Cloakwood Mine was the only one to produce uncontaminated ore.

The Diary of Sarevok reveals that he held some respect for Taurgosz, the leader of the Blacktalons.

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