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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

This is a walkthrough for the quest content added by the BG1 mod Black Hearts.

This is one long quest-line, that uses the in-game quest journal heading "Black Hearts".

Part 1: Bounties in Beregost[]

The unruly adventurers[]

  • In chapter 3+[1], talk to Illasera the Quick on the main floor of Feldepost's Inn in Beregost.
    She tells you she's a bounty hunter, and wants to subcontract to you. Agree.
    The first target she gives you, is a band of drunken adventurers who killed a boy in a local tavern and then fled west.
  • OPTIONAL: Talk to the barkeeper of the Burning Wizard tavern.
    He suggests that the adventurers may have gone to a temple.
  • Travel to the Beregost Temple area, and find the band of 6 adventurers[2] inside the vestibule (the little side-building left of the temple). They attack you on sight, giving you no option to bring them in peacefully. So defeat them, and be sure to pick up the "Hard Knocks Helm"[3] dropped by their leader Rithelm.
    • NOTE: Rithelm also drops an "Unholy Symbol of Bhaal"[4]. You can ask Illasera about it, but she doesn't tell you anything useful. You will find more of these. Feel free to throw them away, as there is nothing else you can do with them – it's just meant as a bit of foreshadowing.
  • Show the helmet to Illasera in Beregost, to receive 240 gp and your next task:

The Redwater Raiders[]

  • Illasera now wants you to hunt down a group of hobgoblin bandits who wear red sashes.
    Their last attack was south of Beregost, and left a survivor.
  • OPTIONAL: Talk to Elenair(4300.600), who stands outdoors in Beregost in the backyard of the Travenhurst manor. He is the surviving caravan worker, and tells you that the bandits' clothes were stained with red clay – the kind found in the Red Canyons.
  • Travel to the Area South of High Hedge, also known as "Red Canyons", and find the hobgoblins north of the map center. They attack on sight. Beside their leader "Perthag of Red Waters", there are 2 warriors, 2 archers, and 2 wizards. Defeat them, and be sure to loot Perthag's "Humanbane Bastard Sword"[5].
  • Show the sword to Illasera in Beregost, to receive 480 gp and your next task:

The necromancer[]

  • Illasera's third task for you is to root out the necromancer Sazazir, who has taken up residence in the Nashkel mines after you cleared out the kobolds.
  • OPTIONAL: On the first subterranean level, talk to the Mine Guard(1400.400) by the entrance to quickly get brought to the second level (right next to the exit to the third level) via cutscene.
  • OPTIONAL: On the second level, talk to the Mine Guard(3600.2400) by the exit to the third level. He tells you that the necromancer is on the third level.
  • Enter the the third subterranean level of the mine. You are immediately attacked by skeletons, and the necromancer Sazazir(1800.700) quickly joins the battle. Defeat him (800 XP). When he dies, any remaining skeletons are destroyed as well.
    Be sure to pick up "Sazazir's Spellbook"[6].
    • NOTE: Sazazir casts some of his spells from scrolls, so the faster you kill him, the more scrolls you can loot.
    • NOTE: He, too, carries a symbol of Bhaal[7]. Curious.
  • OPTIONAL: Talk to the Mine Guard(3600.2400) on the second level, to travel back outdoors via cutscene.
  • Bring the spellbook to Illasera in Beregost, to receive 1000 gp and your next task:

The gentleman[]

Black Hearts mod the gentleman screenshot
  • Illasera's fourth task for you is to retrieve a tome stolen by an ogre-mage from a traveler to Candlekeep, and to remove said ogre-mage.
  • Travel to Lion's Way (the area east of Candlekeep), and find the ogre-mage called "The Gentleman"(2800.1300) among the stone circles. You can talk to him, to learn that he is stealing travelers' books as leverage because Candlekeep refused him entry. There are multiple ways you can handle this:
    • CHOICE: Fight him.
      Turn him hostile via dialog, and he casts Invisibility on himself and summons 6 ogres. Defeat him, and don't forget to loot the "Tome of Manuscripts"[8] from his body.
    • CHOICE: Get him the book he wants.
      Ask him why he wants to enter Candlekeep so badly, and he tells you that he's after a specific erotic book. Travel to Beregost, complete the base-game mini-quest "A Book for Firebead" if you haven't already, and then talk to Firebead Elvenhair in his home(2000.2900) again. He gives you a copy of the sex manual[9] in question. Bring this to the Gentleman, and he gives you his magic ring[10] and the "Tome of Manuscripts"[11] and leaves.
    • CHOICE: Persuade him to leave.
      If your protagonist has 14+ CHA, you can persuade the Gentleman to leave without getting what he came for.
      To do this, you must discuss three topics with him: (1) His monster race making humans wary of him; (2) Which book he is after; (3) His attacks on travelers.
      During those disscussions, you must make at least two of the following three persuasive arguments: (a) That he is proving stereotypes about his race correct; (b) That instead of reading a sex manual he could visit a brothel; (c) That he risks travelers' lives by diverting them.
      He then gives you his magic ring[12] and the "Tome of Manuscripts"[13] and leaves.
  • Bring the tome to Illasera in Beregost, to receive 800 gp and your next task:

The cursed mirror[]

  • Illasera's fifth task for you is to retrieve a relic that was lost when the mercenary band meant to protect an archeological expedition turned mad and homicidal. They've been seen on the road north.
  • Travel to the Area North of Beregost, also knows as the "Coast Way", and enter the cave(4600.1500) in the top-right portion (marked "Hidden Cave" on the area map).
  • You are attacked by the six mercenaries (1 assassin, 1 fighter, 1 cleric, 1 berserker, 1 mage, 1 bow-wielding thief), and by the archeologist Presfiel.
    Defeat them. The mercenaries die normally (and drop some magical loot), whereas Presfiel falls to the ground and turns non-hostile once her hitpoints are low.
  • Talk to Presfiel after the battle. She clutches the mirror in her hands, but speaks only gibberish.
    • CHOICE: Mercy-kill her.
      Choose the dialog option to slit her throat, and then loot the mirror[14] and optionally her magic boots[15].
    • CHOICE: Perform an excorcism.
      If your protagonist is a cleric (single-, dual-, or multi-class), or if you have Ajantis, Branwen, Viconia, or Yeslick in the party, you learn that Presfiel is posessed by a demon, and you can choose a dialog option to perform a ritual to drive it out. (You can also leave the cave and return once you have one of those companions.)
      The ritual causes a Shadow Demon to manifest physically. Defeat it (1,000 XP).
      Talk to the now-restored Presfiel afterwards. It turns out that the ritual also broke the mirror – she gives you what's left of it[16].
  • Bring the mirror to Illasera in Beregost, to receive 960 gp (regardless of whether you delievered it broken or intact). She tells you that this was her last bounty for you here, and that she is traveling north.
    Before she goes, she offers to buy you a drink and socialize with you.
    • CHOICE: Accept her offer.
      A cutscene ensues, with lots of dialog about ordering drinks and exploring your and Illasera's personality, family background, etc. Provided that you don't outright start a conflict[17], the dialog choices you make here don't matter for the quest-line, so feel free to role-play. This starts Illasera's friendship path, which adds extra flavor dialog through the quest.
    • CHOICE: Reject her offer.
      This has no negative consequences for the quest-line, it just makes you miss out on some flavor dialog and means that the relationship between Illasera and you remains strictly professional.

Part 2: Conspiracy in Baldur's Gate[]

Spider Assassins[]

  • After completing all the Beregost bounties, when you first enter the east district of Baldur's Gate in chapter 5+, the "Image of Illasera"[18] approaches and initiates dialog. It asks you to attend a meeting at the nearby tavern.
  • Enter the Elfsong Tavern in the same district[19], and talk to Illasera who stands in the center-left side room(400.900) on the ground floor. She introduces you to Artin, a Red Wizard defector who tries to tell you about a plot involving his order and the Iron Throne – but is assassinated by unnatural spiders before he can finish. Defeat the spiders.
  • Talk to Illasera again. It seems that your only lead is the spiders; you can identify the magic that created them in one of the following ways:
    • CHOICE 1: If your protagonist is a druid with 16+ WIS, or you have Jaheira in the party, then during the conversation with Illasera, you can recognize the magic as coming from shadow druids. Illasera suggests consulting the Cloakwood shadow druid enclave. If you reject that idea, Illasera suggests an alternative: Asking dryads in Peldvale.
    • CHOICE 2: If you have Faldorn in the party, you can ask[20] her about the spiders, and she not only identifies the shadow druid magic, but tells you about the ex-Harper Riezen Darkeyes. Illasera then directly points you to Nerys, which lets you skip the next two steps of the quest.
    • CHOICE 3: Pick up the spider body[21] off the ground, then leave the tavern and enter the Sorcerous Sundries shop in the same district. Show the spider body to the shopkeeper Halbazzer Drin and pay the 200 gp fee he asks for, and he tells you that it was created by shadow druids. Return to Illasera to discuss what you found; this then plays out like option 1.
  • Assuming you haven't bypassed this step using Faldorn, you must find the source of the shadow druid magic that created the spiders. You have two options:
    • CHOICE: Consult the Cloakwood shadow druids.
      (Only possible if you didn't previously wipe out their shadow druid enclave.[22])
      Travel to the Third Cloakwood area, and speak to the shadow archdruid Amarande(900.2300) outside the big tree trunk. He implicates the ex-Harper Riezen Darkeyes. Directly after the conversation, you are ambushed by five "assassin ankhegs"; defeat them.
    • CHOICE: Consult the Peldvale dryads.
      Travel to Peldvale, and talk to the two dryads(2400.1900) near the center of the map. They implicate the ex-Harper Riezen Darkeyes. Directly after the conversation, you are ambushed by five "assassin ankhegs"; defeat them.
  • Return to East Baldur's Gate, and report your findings to Illasera in the Elfsong Tavern. She suggests you question the Harper woman Nerys, who has been seen in another tavern in town.
  • Travel to North Baldur's Gate, enter the Three Old Kegs tavern, and talk to Nerys(500.250). You overhear a humorous conversation with two rogues, that drives home the point that Nerys is enthusiastic but not very competent at being a Harper agent. Asked about Riezen Darkeyes, she then invites you to her home to search her Harper records for information.
  • A cutscene ensues in which Nerys takes you to her home and searches her records. She finds that Riezen Darkeyes was kicked out of the Harper order after he spent time in the Underdark and became erratic, and that he may be hiding in a secret gorge nearby.
    In the middle of the conversation, Illasera's projected image appears to tell you that she found new information. Your party and Nerys are taken to Illasera in the Elfsong Tavern via cutscene.
  • Talk to Illasera again there, to learn that the Red Wizard leader Cherise Siltuhr has raised a monster army for the Iron Throne. She also points you to the likely location of Riezen Darkeyes's gorge.
Black Hearts mod spider druid fight screenshot

Riezen Darkeyes (almost invisible) attacking with his spiders

  • Riezen's Gorge [23]:
    • Walk down the gorge, past web traps, to find Riezen Darkeyes with two kidnapped villagers near a shrine.
    • He initiates dialog. Feel free to roleplay, as nothing you say changes the outcome. You can learn that he serves a woman called Sendai, and that he was trying to kill you in order to use your corpse as a boobytrapped gift to assassinate a powerful enemy.
    • After the conversation, he attacks you together with several spiders that spring from the villagers' corpses. Defeat him, and be sure to loot the diary[24] off his body.
  • Return to East Baldur's Gate, and report to Illasera in the Elfsong Tavern. She tells you that Nerys requested a meeting after nightfall, and also asks if you found writings on the ex-Harper's body.
    • CHOICE: Tell her about the diary.
      She takes it to study it, and gives you 1000 gp in compensation. This will make you miss out on a lore dump at the end of the quest-line.
    • CHOICE: Lie to her that you found nothing.
      If your protagonist has 14+ CHA, she believes you; otherwise, it ends the optional friendship path[25] with her. But in both cases, you get to keep the diary and continue the quest-line.

Night Knives[]

  • At the end of the previous sub-quest, Illasera told you about a meeting that Nerys requested.
    So travel to Central Baldur's Gate at night, and approach the Drakon Tavern. Outside of it, a "Knight Knives Thief"(1300.1500) initiates dialog, and warns you that his organization has kidnapped Nerys and will kill her if you don't stop investigating the Red Wizard plot.
  • Return to East Baldur's Gate, and let Illasera in the Elfsong Tavern know what happened. She suggests recruiting the help of either the Flaming Fist, or the local Thieves Guild.
  • Find the Night Knives hideout. There are multiple ways to do this:
    • CHOICE: Find it by yourself.
      You could search the entire city of Baldur's Gate until you stumble upon the hideout – or just "cheat" and learn the location from this walkthrough.
    • CHOICE: Find it with the help of the Flaming Fist.
      Ask Scar inside the Flaming Fist Headquarters in Southwest Baldur's Gate. Assuming[26] you have already completed his own quest "The Seven Suns", he tells you that his patrols saw cloaked figures in a certain warehouse.
    • CHOICE: Find it with the help of the Thieves Guild.
      Ask Alatos "Ravenscar" Thuibuld in the Thieves' Guild in East Baldur's Gate. Assuming[27] you have already completed his own quest "Alatos and the Thieves' Guild", he admits that the Knight Knives have paid him for permission to operate in the city. You have two options for getting him to reveal their location:
      • CHOICE: Pay him 3000 gp, and he tells you which warehouse they use as a hideout.
      • CHOICE: Ask to trade the information for a job, and he tells you to pickpocket Brilla Silvershield's necklace. You can find her on the upper floor of the Silvershield Estate in Northwest Baldur's Gate. Pickpocket her necklace[28] off her, and bring it to Alatos. He then tells you about the warehouse.
  • Travel to South Baldur's Gate (the docks district), and enter the southern warehouse (3500.1500). Instead of its normal content, there are now[29] Night Knives thieves and shadows here that attack on sight, as well as floor traps. Reunite with Nerys who stands in the back room (800.200); she thanks you for rescuing her, and tells you about a Red Wizard whom she observed entering a secret tunnel in the sewers.
    • OPTIONAL: If you still have Riezen's diary[24], you can give it to Nerys now[30] so that she can start decoding it.
    • OPTIONAL: You can loot the table near Nerys for treasure and a letter[31] which reveals some lore about the Knight Knives. (Be sure not to leave anything you want here, as the warehouse reverts to its base-game state once you exit it.)

Red Wizards[]

  • At the end of the previous sub-quest, Nerys told you how to find the Red Wizard lair.
    So enter the East Sewers map (most conveniently via a gully grate(2000.1100) in Southeast Baldur's Gate), and take the long leftward tunnel at the bottom of the map. Use the area transition at the end of this tunnel (200.2600), which now[32] brings you to:
  • Red Wizard Sanctum level 1 [33]:
    • Make your way along the winding passage, watching out for traps and for Thayan agents who attack you on sight.
    • In the room at the end of the hallway, the ogre mage "Yondak Master of Portals"(3300.1100) initiates dialog to taunt you, and then attacks and summons 5 portals out of which more monsters spawn over time. (Kill the portals quickly to avoid getting swarmed.)
    • Then take the staircase(2800.600) to arrive at:
  • Red Wizard Sanctum level 2 [34]:
    • You are greeted by the archmage Cherise Siltuhr, but the conversation is interrupted by news about a simultaneous attack happening against Cherise's astral site. She teleports away, and leaves her underlings to attack you.
    • Be sure to loot the crystal[35] from the central table, and optionally also the letter[36] which will have an optional use later on.
      Leave the Red Wizard lair the way you came.
  • Return to the Elfsong Tavern in East Baldur's Gate, and talk to Nerys there. Illasera teleports in, and explains that she was the one attacking the Red Wizards' extradimensional lair, but that she had to retreat. She takes the crystal[35] you found, so she can study it and find a way to enter the astral lair a second time.
    • OPTIONAL: If you have an active friendship[37] with Illasera, you can ask her to share drinks again. A cutscene ensues in a room upstairs, with lots of flavor dialog. Imoen also joins if she's in the party. Feel free to roleplay.`

Astral Demesne[]

  • ...


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