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Big Metal Unit is a set of Full Plate Mail +11 created from the Golden Pantaloons, Silver Pantaloons and Bronze Pantalettes, once brought to the hands of Kerrick the Smith. This pantaloon-obsessed gnome resides in Kerrick's Smithy in Amkethran and forges this comfortable suit of armor together with the unique unenchanted light crossbow 'Big Metal Rod', and 3 types of unique limitless crossbow ammunition: Pulse Ammunition, Scorcher Ammunition, and Frag Grenades.

This set of armor may be the hardest item to obtain in-game, as it requires players to first save and import the Golden Pantaloons from BG1, then track down and save the easy to miss Silver Pantaloons from SoA, and finally wait for the second-to-last chapter before the end of the entire saga to acquire the Bronze Pantalettes and have the suit crafted. It offers +5% magic resistance, immunity to backstab, and an astonishing armor class of -10, as well as the standard additional protections to slashing, piercing, and missile damage inherent to all full plate mail armor. Unlike most enchanted armor, the Big Metal Unit can be worn with items "of protection", such as The Guard's Ring or the Improved Cloak of Protection. It requires a Strength of 15 and can be worn by any class, but it does disable spell casting and thieving skills.

While wearing it, a character's avatar will change to that of an Iron Golem, and will be too large to pass through some doors.



Combined Pantaloons

Long has the world marveled at the Golden Pantaloons, the Silver Pantaloons, and to a lesser extent, the Bronze Pantalettes. Revealed here for the first time are the secrets of their gregariously girding gussets that so softly shield your shanks. Ye gods! Get to identifyin' already! Now it can be told!


Big Metal Unit

Found within a long-forgotten pocket of our collected pantology, herein tales the lie of the Metal "Unit."

Gargantua was self-proclaimed lord of his immeasurable lower regions until his son, Pantagruel, questioned the accuracy of the ruler. With his shortcomings exposed, great Gargantua lay prostrate upon the ground while Pantagruel sought to cover his cuirass in case his now governing body lost its sway. He was warned that the people would cut him no slacks, but he never listened, and had burned his britches behind him. Undaunted, he fulfilled his animus with the robes of his father, as uncomfortable as that might sound, and shaped the Metal "Unit" with his own hands.

The rule of Pantagruel was a discommoding morass, his armor eventually suffering a breach in the breech that proved his undoing. As his basket left the pantry, so to speak, his regime fell to insurrection, and so complete was the sacking that not even his Metal "Unit" could be found. The component pieces, a pantaloon triumvirate, were lost in the annals of time.

You now bear the awesome responsibility of the Metal "Unit." Gussets of wind, seams like reality, pockets of resistance, the seat of power, and legs as flared as your temper. Polish it well; the onus is now on you.