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This version of Bhaal is a onetime unique opponent appearing in a dream sequence experienced by Gorion's Ward as part of the capture and stealing of the bhaalspawn's soul essence in Spellhold.

Fall to your knees—you can do no other! I am within you. I am your essence.


As part of the fourth dream area and encounter, the avatar of Bhaal appears in the form of Sarevok.

Find the creature within the walled courtyard outside the Candlekeep Library on the western side.

The dream creature will initiate dialogue and there is an exchange with Gorion's Ward. Afterwards the creature will go on the offensive and pursue the Ward.

In terms of its combat capabilities, the creature behaves as a fighter wielding an enhanced two-handed sword (which isn't enchanted or magical). However, the creature has a sufficient THAC0 and packs a wallop if the sword hits.

The Bhaal creature has no special resistance to any kind of damage, nor has any magic resistance. It does have plenty of permanent death immunities so don't waste time trying to kill it.

The creature cannot be killed until it is in the presence of the dream version of Imoen inside the Library. Only when within the Library and certain dialogue is triggered by Imoen will the creature die. Draw the Bhaal creature inside the Library (it will follow), seek out Imoen, and together, finish off this creature.

If Gorion's Ward dies during the dream sequence, it is game over.


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.


The Sword Coast Stratagems mod makes two changes to this creature. The first is a revised Fighter AI script for more adaptive tactical combat decision making and potion use. Second, the mod furnishes the creature with three potions for use to heal itself and to boost combat abilities.


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