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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Beyond the Law mod by Zyraen adds two joinable NPCs to BG2:

Beyond the Law mod Kova portrait
Beyond the Law mod banner left part
Beyond the Law mod banner right part
Beyond the Law mod Kiyone portrait
Kova (CG Half-Elf Mage/Thief),
a burnt Shadow Thief/Cowled Wizard double agent.
Kiyone (LG Half-Elf Archer),
an officer of the law.

It includes a long questline involving these two NPCs.
This is a walkthrough for that quest content.

(The section headings refer to Shadows of Amn chapters.)

Chapter 2[]


Start Shadows of Amn chapter 2. Kiyone appears near you[1], the first time you are outdoors after reaching a reputation of 13+ with a non-evil protagonist.
She asks you to help her find Kova and investigate his alleged crimes.

Once Kiyone is in the party, Kova can be found in the Windspear Hills, in the center-left of the outdoors map. Reluctantly, he too joins the party.

Note:Kiyone and Kova form an NPC pair.
They can only be kicked out of the party together, and only rejoin together.
Warning:Assassination attempts
Kova is being hunted. While travelling with him, your party occasionally suffers attacks from three sources:
  1. Government guards.
    Killing too many of these ruins your reputation, which can cause you to fail the quest. You can avoid fighting them by completing the next steps of the quest quickly.
  2. Shadow Thieves assassins.
    These attack randomly in outdoors city maps, and can't be avoided[2], but also don't affect your reputation. Make sure to always keep protections against backstabs (e.g. Stoneskin or Potions of Invisibility) ready for your low-HP party members.
  3. Cowled Wizards assassins.
    These attack randomly in outdoors wilderness areas, and also don't affect your reputation.

Asking for a respite[]

With Kiyone and Kova in the party, quickly travel to the Government District of Athkatla and speak to Magistrate Bylanna in the council building there. Kiyone asks for more time for her investigation. Bylanna agrees to hold back the next group of government guards for 7 days, and asks that you find evidence of Kova's innocence.

While here, also talk to Chief Inspector Brega to learn more about the charges against Kova.

Recap:The charges against Kova
Kova is being charged with three major crimes:
  1. Poisoning of Shanro:
    The whole village of Shanro was exterminated using poison. A witness saw Kova on the scene.
  2. Enforcer Murders:
    The Cowled Wizard Enforcers who arrived on the scene in Shanro a few days later, were killed.
  3. Nobles' Murders:
    Afterwards, three children of noble families were abducted, and then found murdered even though the families paid the ransom. The autopsies determined that this was done using Kova's unique blade.
Note:When Kova notices something during your conversations with persons relevant to the case, he usually waits until the party is back outdoors before interjecting. (He is in hiding, after all.)
Warning:After 7+ days, government guards led by Bylanna's lieutenant Myroven come to arrest Kova and can only be turned away peacefully (for another 7 days) if you can present a new piece of evidence. Handing a new piece of evidence directly to Bylanna, also resets the 7-day deadline.

EVIDENCE 1: Irregularities in Dayven's investigation[]

When you talked to Chief Inspector Brega, he should have pointed you to Dayven.

So, enter the prison of the Government District, and ask Investigator Dayven there about his investigation into the nobles' murders.
→ Kova suggests to seek clarification about an issue.

Return to Chief Inspector Brega and ask him how the different murder cases were linked.
→ Kova notices a discrepancy between the two investigator's stories (9000 exp), and suggests asking a Shadow Thieves contact.

Complete the Mae'Var questline for Renal Bloodscalp in the Docks District, if you haven't already, to make him willing to help you.
TIP: While doing that, peek ahead to the next two sections of this walkthrough to complete them concurrently.

Then ask Renal Bloodscalp about the two investigators. He agrees to dig up information for 1000 gp. Pay him.

24+ hours later, talk to Renal Bloodscalp again. He gives you the "Receipt"[3] proving that Dayven took a bribe to link the different murder cases together.

There are two ways you can handle this:

  • CHOICE: Let Dayven off the hook
    Return to Investigator Dayven in the prison and confront him with the receipt.
    Promise to let him off the hook, and he agrees to re-investigate the nobles' murders.
    Talk to him again, and he agrees to testify regarding the Shadow Thieves' involvement in linking the murder cases.
  • CHOICE: Get Dayven arrested
    Optionally confront Dayven in the prison with the receipt (but don't accept his offer to testify), or simply go directly to Brega.
    Hand the receipt to Chief Inspector Brega in the council building. He has Dayven arrested and promises to re-investigate the nobles' murders himself.
    Talk to Brega again and ask if he has finished investigating. He acknowledges the Shadow Thieves' involvement in linking the murder cases.

Either way, this is now considered a proper piece of evidence by Magistrate Bylanna (or her enforcer Myroven) and can be used to reset her 7-day deadline.

EVIDENCE 2: Jermien's witness statement[]

Advance the Mae'Var questline to get access to Rayic Gethras' home in the Docks.

Kill Rayic and loot the "Penned Letter"[4] from his corpse.
It mentions Jermien.

Note:If Myroven already catches up to you at this point, you can show her the note to get the deadline extended by 3.5 days, even though it doesn't count as proper evidence by itself.

Visit Jermien in his home in the Umar Hills, and complete his golem mini quest to make him more friendly. (Make sure he survives!)

Kiyone then convinces Jermien to write down his "Statement of Witness"[5].

This is now also considered a proper piece of evidence by Myroven and Bylanna and can be used to reset the 7-day deadline.

EVIDENCE 3: Letter of Authority[]

Advance the Mae'Var quest-line to get the key to Mae'Vars strongbox in his guildhall in the Docks.

Loot the "Letter of Authority"[6] from the strongbox.
It proves that the Shadow Thieves ordered the poisoning of Shanro.

Alternative:If you already completed the Mae'Var quest-line without Kiyone & Kova, simply talk to Renal Bloodscalp to get the "Letter of Authority".

This, too, is considered a proper piece of evidence by Myroven and Bylanna, and can be used to reset the 7-day deadline.

Getting the government off your back[]

When you hand in the last of the above-mentioned three pieces of proper evidence to Magistrate Bylanna or her enforcer Myroven, Bylanna agrees to call off the government guards entirely.[7]

Kova's innocence is still far from proven, but Bylanna now trusts Kiyone to handle the investigation without a deadline, giving you some room to breathe.

Warning:The non-government assassins still continue to harass you, because they have their own motives not rooted in justice.

Optional lead: Kharen[]

When Chief Inspector Brega originally explained the case to you, he also suggested that the Cowled Wizards will know more.

When you ask the Cowled Wizard representative Corneil in the council building about it, he lets it slip hat he carries the wizards' internal reports on the case with him but refuses to let you see them.
→ Kova suggests lifting them off him.

Pickpocket Corneil to get the "Enforcer Reports"[8].
→ Kova recognizes the name "Kharen" in the reports (12,000 exp). This will become relevant later on.

BUG:In version 2.0.0 of the mod, pickpocketing the reports is not possible[9] in the Enhanced Edition of the game. You can use the cheat command C:CreateItem("CORNREP") instead.
Note:While Corneil's reports are not considered proper evidence by Bylanna/Myroven, you can show them to Myroven to extend the deadline by 1.5 days in case you haven't yet gotten the government off your back.

Optional lead: Replica weapon[]

After finishing the Dayven sub-quest (see #EVIDENCE 1 above), Kova suggests visiting the smith Cromwell regarding the murder weapon.

Cromwell confirms that somemone commissioned him to forge an exact replica of Kova's unique weapon, but he can give no description of that customer except that it was a tall man.

Starting chapter 3[]

You must start chapter 3 by siding with the Shadow Thieves, because Kiyone leaves the party forever if you side with Bodhi.

However, do not enter Gaelan Bayle's Home's home with Kova in the party before you have the 15,000 gp to pay Gaelan, as that results in Kova getting killed. Once you have the gold (and are ready to start chapter 3), it's safe to do so.

Chapter 3[]

Follow the normal Shadows of Amn chapter 3 storyline.

When the time comes for Aran Linvail to send you off to chapter 4, Kiyone interjects if you haven't yet found the three pieces of evidence (see above), and recommends you stay in Amn a bit longer to find those first.

Chapter 4[]

Follow the normal Shadows of Amn chapter 4 story-line portions Getting inside the asylum and Escaping the asylum.

Warning:In order to advance the Beyond the Law questline, you must exit the Spellhold asylumn by returning to the surface, rather than by taking the portal directly to the Underdark. [10]

Kharen encounter[]

When you return to the Spellhold outdoors map after escaping the asylum, you encounter Kharen at the bottom-left end of the bridge (500.2900). She initiates conversation, and offers you 8000 gp to hand Kova over to her.
Refuse, and you have to fight her and a few of her fellow Cowled Wizards. When her hit points are low, she teleports away (12,000 exp).
→ Kova surmises that it was Kharen who committed the enforcer murders in order to frame him.

Complete the normal chapter 4 story-line.[11]

Chapter 5[]

Follow the normal Shadows of Amn chapter 5 story-line.
(Kova and Kiyone have no quest content in the Underdark, just banters/interjections.)

Chapter 6[]

Baevrin's witness statement[]

In Shadows of Amn chapter 6, report back to Magistrate Bylanna in the government council building of Athkatla, and tell her about your encounter with Kharen outside Spellhold (12,000 exp). She promises that she'll try to convince Chief Inspector Brega to give you access to the witness he is hiding.

8+ hours later[12], Bylanna's messenger Myroven approaches you outdoors and tells you that the witness who observed the village poisoning is in the Five Flagons Inn.
Either let Myroven teleport you there immediately or travel there at your own leasure.

OPTIONAL: If you didn't take the teleport option, you can talk to Chief Inspector Brega in the government council building about it first, but this doesn't change anything.

Either way, when you arrive on the second floor of the Five Flagons Inn in the Bridge District, Myroven leads you into the room where you meet the witness Baevrin and his bodyguards Terahn, Merahn, and Ardelios.
Talk to Baevrin, and get him to admit[13] that he lied in his witness statement about seeing Kova commit the poisoning (up to 18,000 exp)[14] and that the Shadow Thieves are holding his girlfriend Adylin hostage.
Afterwards, he and his guards disappear to another safehouse.

8+ hours later[15], the Shadow Thief merchant Arledrian approaches you outdoors. (Alternatively, you can have this conversation earlier by going to him on the second floor of Gaelan Bayle's Home.)
In exchange for 500 gp, he tells you that Adylin is being held in Delosar's Inn.

Enter the top-most floor of Delosar's Inn in the Bridge District, to find Adylin guarded by multiple captors. Combat ensues.

Enemy details

Initially, only 4 enemies are in the room, but more spawn as soon as combat starts (depending on whether you arrived here early or late, and on the experience score of the protagonist):

Enemy build Total count
if early[16] if late and ≤1,100,000 exp if late and >1,100,000 exp
assassin (lvl 7) 2 4 2
assassin (lvl 12) 1 2 4
archer (lvl 15) 2 2 -
cleric (lvl 14) 1 1 1
mage (lvl 14) 2 2 2

After her captors are defeated, save the game and then talk to Adylin.
You automatically travel to the upper floor of the horn house in the Bridge District with her, where you meet up with Myroven and Baevrin.
Baevrin promises to correct his witness statement, and asks you how to get it done. You can choose:

  • CHOICE: Tell Baevrin to split up
    Baevrin leaves (together with Adylin, Myroven, and the bodyguards).
    Make your way to the council building in the Government District, and tell Chief Inspector Brega what the situation is.
    You and Brega automatically travel back to the Bridge District – either to the streets (if you told Baevrin to head for the government district), or the commoner's house (if you told Baevrin to head for the next safehouse).
    Either way, you discover that Baevrin & co. have been murdered.
  • CHOICE: Tell Baevrin to come with you
    You automatically exit the house (together with Baevrin, Adylin, Myroven, and the bodyguards) to the Bridge District outdoors map, where your are accosted by Shadow Thief assassins.
    To make matters worse, Arledrian ambushes you during this battle, murders one of your bodyguards (Ardelios), and then disappears – but leaves 5 additional assassin underlings to fight you. Defeat all enemies, and try to keep Baevrin alive.
    Afterwards, Myroven initiates dialog and you all automatically travel to the council building in the Government District to report back to Chief Inspector Brega.

If Baevrin survived, Chief Inspector Brega officially records Baevrin's revised testimony, which exculpates Kova of the village poisoning (24,000 exp, +1 reputation).
If Baevrin died, Brega instead adds a note about these happenings to the evidence list, which at least casts doubt on Baevrin's original testimony (12,000 exp).

Capturing Seida[]

When you enter Athkatla in chapter 6, Gaelan Bayle approaches you[17] and hands you "Renal's Note"[18] which suggests that Renal Bloodscalp has information about Kova's case.

Travel to the Docks District, and meet Renal Bloodscalp on the upper floor of the main Shadow Thief Guildhall. In return for 3000 gp, he informs you that his rival guildmaster Seida has a blade just like the one that implicated Kova in the nobles' murders (9000 exp).

OPTIONAL: Arledrian encounter

If you completed the #Baevrin's witness statement quest-line, and Baevrin survived, then Arledrian approaches you upon visiting the Docks District outdoors map now.
Promise to let him live[19], and he gives you some vague information about Seida's motivations.
If you are extra polite to him, he also drops a hint that you might want to talk to Edwin in the Copper Coronet.

OPTIONAL: Bribing Edwin

Apparently, you can confront Edwin about being in league with Seida, and even bribe Edwin so that he won't betray you during the upcoming encounter with Seida. [TODO: Find out more about this]

Complete the chapter 6 story-line portion The final battle with Bodhi, if you haven't already. Aran Linvail is now willing to help you capture Seida, provided that you already found all the previous pieces of evidence for Kova's innocence:

Conditions for continuing the quest
Besides requiring that Kova is in the party and that Bodhi is defeated for good, Aran Linvail also won't propose the meeting with Seida unless all of the following conditions are fulfilled:
  • You handed in all three pieces of #Chapter 2 evidence to Bylanna or Myroven.
    (Dayven, Jermien's witness statement, and Letter of Authority)
  • You told Bylanna about your #Chapter 4 encounter with Kharen.
  • You completed the #Baevrin quest-line in #Chapter 6, and Baevrin survived so that he could alter his witness statement.

Otherwise, Aran just tells you to "return after more developments have occurred".
If you already did Baevrin's quest-line but failed to keep him alive, or you missed some of the content in the earlier chapters, then there seems to be no way to advance the Seida sub-quest now without cheating.

The following five cheat console commands make Aran think that you completed all of the above-mentioned Beyond the Law content:


Pay Aran Linvail 7000gp (or get his help for free by telling him what you learned from the optional Arledrian encounter). When you are ready, he gives you 4 runes[20] and teleports you to a dark alleyway[21] where you finally meet guildmaster Seida.

Seida and Kova have an emotional exchange of words, where some backstory is revealed:

Recap:Seida's and Kova's history
  • Guildmaster Seida had raised and trained Kova together with his own son Jharen, since Kova was 11.
  • It was Seida who sent Kova to be a double-agent among the Cowled Wizards.
  • When Jharen killed almost a hundred innocent people (presumably the village of Shanro), Kova killed Jharen.
  • Since then, Seida has been on a vendetta against Kova. Apparently, this is why Seida had a replica of Kova's blade made to frame Kova.

Seida then attacks you with many of his underlings, and Edwin betrays you and also fights on Seida's side. You need to defeat Seida and then trap him using the runes:

Battle details
At the start of the battle, 7 Assassins (lvl 12) spawn just outside your party's line of sight.

Over time, Seida causes more Assassins, Shadow Thief Mages, and Cowled Wizards to spawn.

Seida cannot be killed normally. Instead, when he drops to 1 HP, he falls unconscious. When that happens, place one of the four runes that Aran gave you into a party member's quick-item slot, and use it on Seida.

The rune's magic makes it appear as if Seida is dead, which causes all his underlings (incl. Edwin) to flee, and the battle ends.

As soon as the battle is over, Chief Inspector Brega and Myroven appear and take Seida into custody.
Tell Brega when you are ready to leave, and you automatically travel to the government building where Kova's trial starts.

The trial[]

Kova's trial starts automatically if you complete the Seida sub-quest, but you can also skip that sub-quest and start the trial at any time in chapter 6[22] by talking to Bylanna in the government council building.

OPTIONAL: Bribing Bylanna

If you haven't completed the Seida sub-quest, then Bylanna recommends you gather more evidence before starting the trial. Tell her you're all out of options, and she offers to frame Kharen for all the crimes Kova is accused of, in exchange for a bribe of 10,000gp. Kiyone staunchly protests, but it is ultimately up to you.

Magistrate Bylanna presides as judge during the trial. She goes over each of the charges that Kova faces.

Recap:The charges against Kova
Here is what we (the audience) now known about the three major crimes that Kova was charged with:
  1. Poisoning of Shanro:
    The village of Shanro was used by the Cowled Wizards as a supply base. Shadow Thief Guildmaster Seida ordered the whole village to be exterminated using poison, and his son Jharen carried out the atrocity. Kova killed Jharen over this.
    The surviving villager Baevrin had seen Jharen commit the poisoning, but the Shadow Thieves captured Baevrin's girlfriend and blackmailed him into signing a false witness statement claiming that it was Kova. Baevrin then went into hiding.
    Bylanna sees the following as proof of Kova innocence:
    • The Letter of Authority showing that a Shadow Thieves guildmaster ordered the poisoning.
    • Baevrin's amended witness statement.
  2. Enforcer Murders:
    The Cowled Wizard Enforcers who arrived in Shanro a few days after the poisoning, were killed by Kharen, a Cowled Wizard with ties to the Shadow Thieves.
    A witness saw this, and described Kharen's appearence to his his former teacher Jermien, but was then assassinated while trying to flee Amn.
    Kharen then led the Cowled Wizard-internal investigation which blamed Kova for the murders.
    Bylanna sees the following as proof of Kova innocence:
    • Jermien's witness statement.
    • Kiyone's account of the encounter with Kharen in Spellhold.
    • The fact that this charge was only brought against Kova due to Kharen's investigation.
  3. Nobles' Murders:
    Three children of noble families were abducted, and then found murdered even though the families paid the ransom. The autopsies determined that this was done using Kova's unique blade, but it was actually a replica blade that Seida had fashioned. Seida did this to frame Kova, and to raise money to place a bounty on Kova's head. He also bribed Inspector Dayven to link these murders to Kova's case.
    Bylanna sees the following as proof of Kova innocence:
    • The fact that Seida was found to own a replica of Kova's blade.
    • The fact that Seida's bounty on Kova's head was the same amount as the ransom paid by the nobles.
    • Dayven's confession that he accepted the bribe.

Bylanna's ruling depends on how you handled the chapter 6 content:

Condition Outcome
Baevrin survived, and you captured Seida: Kova is free to go.
You get 48,000 exp and +1 reputation.
You bribed Bylanna: Kova is free to go.
You get 36,000 exp and +1 reputation.
Otherwise[23] Kova is put in prison.
You get 24,000 exp and +1 reputation.
How to cheat
Use the following cheat console commands before the trial, to make Bylanna think that Baevrin survived and you captured Seida:
C:SetGlobal("SPRITE_IS_DEADBaevrin", "GLOBAL", 0)
C:SetGlobal("Z#BaevrinPlot", "GLOBAL", 25)
C:SetGlobal("Z#MeetingSeida", "GLOBAL", 6)

After the trial[]

If you captured Seida, then you can enter the prison of the Government District and talk to the Prison Keeper there to learn that Seida is held in a special high-security prison.

If you completed the chapter 2 sub-quest #EVIDENCE 1: Irregularities in Dayven's investigation by convincing Dayven to testify, then talk to Investigator Dayven[24] now. He offers to enter the special prison to keep an eye on Seida for you, but wants you to buy him a recording device first.
(If your speaking party member has 12+ INT or 12+ WIS, you can convince Dayven to infiltrate the prison as a prisoner rather than a guard.)
Talk to Ribald Barterman in the Adventurer's Mart to loan "The Everseeing Eye"[25] for a 6000gp deposit, and bring it to Dayven.

2+ days after the trial, either Myroven or Investigator Dayven appears to tell you that Seida has broken out of prison.
If Dayven went into the special prison as a guard, then he was killed during the assault.
If Dayven went into the special prison as a prisoner, then he is the one to give you the news, and hands you back the eye – which now contains a recording of the breakout.

If you got the eye with the recording, present it to Corneil in the council building. You watch the recording together, and see Kharen breaking out Seida (as well as them admitting that Kharen is Seida's daughter and one of his double-agents).
This convinces Corneil that Kova really is innocent of the enforcer murders. You get 36,000 exp, a free Athkatla magic license, and the Cowled Wizard assassination attempts against Kova stop.


If you complete the Shadows of Amn main story with Kova and Kiyone in the party, then at the very end[26], Ellesime officiates the wedding ceremony to marry Kova and Kiyone.


The mod author planned[27] to add additional quest content for the Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal portion of the game, but apparently this never materialized.


What causes them to leave the party[]

Obviously, making severe choices like handing Kova over to the authorities causes Kova and Kiyone to leave. However, there are also "lesser offenses" that merely raise their unhappiness counter:

List of choices that increase their unhappiness


  • Being rude, dismissive, or accusatory towards them in dialog. (Kova, Kiyone)
  • Saying that you have only built a high reputation out of self-interest. (Kiyone)
  • Saying that you put profit over doing good. (Kiyone)
  • Saying that you enjoy the adventuring life because of the killing and looting. (Kova)


  • Threatening to collect the ransom on Lady Elgea. (Kiyone)
  • Showing no compassion towards Risa when talking to Dawnlord Arenthis. (Kiyone)
  • Refusing to save Viconia from being burnt at the stake. (Kiyone)
  • Refusing to help Renfeld when you find him poisoned. (Kova, Kiyone)
  • Killing Arledrian after promising to let him go. (Kova)

Umar Hills & Temple Ruins:

  • Killing Madulf. (Kova)
  • Refusing to free Mazzy. (Kiyone)


  • Killing Vithal for his loot. (Kova, Kiyone)
  • Killing the svirfneblin on Phaere's orders even though Solaufein is not there to witness it. (Kova, Kiyone)
  • Killing any of the slaves in the Illithid area. (Kova, Kiyone)

Watcher's Keep:

  • Threatening to kill Yakman after healing him. (Kova, Kiyone)

When the unhappiness counter reaches 7 for one of them[28], they both leave the party forever.

Quest variables[]

List of quest variables
Variable Possible values
Tracks your progress along the #EVIDENCE 1 sub-quest.
  • <not defined> = Not yet started.
  • ...
  • 7 = Noticed a discrepancy between the two investigator's stories.
  • 8 = Hired Renal Bloodscalp to find dirt on the two investigators.
  • 9 = Renal Bloodscalp gave you the "Receipt"[3].
  • 10 = Confronted Dayven about the receipt.
  • 11 = Promnised Dayven to let him off the hook. (?)
  • ...
  • 13 = Convinced Dayven to testify. (→ DayvClue = 1)
  • 14 = Turned the receipt in to Brega.
  • 15 = Asked Brega if he finished re-investigating. (→ DayvClue = 1)
Tracks whether you are ready to hand in "EVIDENCE 1" (Dayven).
  • <not defined> = not ready
  • 1 = ready
  • 3 = already handed in
Tracks whether you are ready to hand in "EVIDENCE 2" (Jermien's witness statement).
  • <not defined> = not ready
  • 1 = ready
  • 3 = already handed in
Tracks whether you are ready to hand in "EVIDENCE 3" (Letter of Authority).
  • <not defined> = not ready
  • 1 = ready
  • 3 = already handed in

(This list is not comprehensive.)


  1. She spawns just outside your line of sight. If you missed her, go back to that place and look around.
  2. Although they become less frequent when you start chapter 3.
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