Baldur's Gate Wiki

Berserk is a status effect that grants a +2 bonus to THAC0 and damage at the cost of the character losing control of themselves. Berserk comes in two flavors, one type is dormant until a fight breaks out, at which point both the bonuses and loss of control come into play until end of the fight. Another type is active constantly.

When the Berserk effect is active, the affected character will typically attack whichever creature is closest to them, friend, foe or innocent.


  • The selection circle of a creature affected by Berserk becomes yellow whenever the effect is active.
  • Affected player characters can receive items, but no item can be taken from their inventory which is greyed out.
  • Actively Berserk creatures will attack with melee weapons if possible.
  • The game cannot be saved when a party member is affected by an active Berserk effect.