Ar3300worldmap Beregost is one of the areas from the World Map.

Beregost is a large town along the Coast Way in the south-western region of the Western Heartlands. It is visited by Gorion's Ward and their party during their adventures around the Sword Coast.

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Ankheg ArmorEdit

Ankheg Shells can be sold to Taerom Fuiruim, the proprietor of the Thunderhammer Smithy, for 500Gold Piece IMISC0700000 Item icon BG1. An Ankheg Shell can also be turned into Ankheg Plate Mail should you so choose. It will cost 4,000Gold Piece IMISC0700000 Item icon BG1 and take approximately 10 days to create in

Baldur's Gate (1998)
This icon indicates content from the original Baldur's Gate campaign.

or either 4,000Gold Piece IMISC0700000 Item icon BG1 and 3 days or 6,000Gold Piece IMISC0700000 Item icon BG1 and 1 day in

This icon indicates content from the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition campaign.

. Only one set of armor is obtainable this way.

Firebead's BookEdit

Firebead Elvenhair asks you to bring him a copy of History of the Fateful Coin in exchange for a copy of History of the Dead Three.

Gurke's CloakEdit

Gurke's Cloak of Non-Detection was stolen by tasloi in the Cloakwood, and he needs someone to retrieve it.

Half-ogres Near BeregostEdit

Paladin Bjornin asks you to kill some Half Ogres.

Landrin's PossessionsEdit

Landrin has been driven from her home by spiders, and asks the party to kill them and bring a few of her things back to her in the Friendly Arm Inn.

Mirianne's LetterEdit

Mirianne asks the party to keep an eye and ear out for any news of her husband, Roe, who is traveling to Amn.

Officer VaiEdit

Officer Jessa Vai offers to pay the party 50Gold Piece IMISC0700000 Item icon BG1 for every bandit scalp they bring her.

Perdue's Short SwordEdit

The extremely temperamental halfling Perdue asks the party to retrieve his sword from the gnolls that mugged him in High Hedge.

Zhurlong's Missing BootsEdit

The thief Zhurlong was, ironically, mugged by hobgoblins, losing his boots to them.  He needs someone to get them back.

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Reputation trapEdit

If your reputation is lower than 3, you will be attacked by groups of three Flaming Fist Enforcers, a Flaming Fist Scout and a Flaming Fist Battle Wizard. The Flaming Fist will attack suddenly, both on the streets and in the Jovial Juggler, the Burning Wizard, Feldepost's Inn and the Red Sheaf Inn.


  • There is one trapped drawer in the city, in the upper floor of one houses (AR3336) with 20 Trap detection and removal difficulty.

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