Baldur's Gate Wiki

Zordral is about to kill Bentha. You can let him do it or say "What's this all...", "What are you..." options 1, 1. He will attack you. Kill him. Talk to Bentha. You can either ask her for a trinket or say a good deed is enough.

BENTHA DEAD: Quarterstaff, Mage Robe of Electrical Resistance, Potion of Heroism, Antidote, Angel Skin Ring, 24gp

ZORDRAL DEAD: 900 exp, Quarterstaff, Knave's Robe, Armor spell, Color Spray, 79 gp

TRINKET: Antidote

GOOD DEED: Potion of Heroism

LOOT: Quarterstaff, Throwing Dagger, History of Shadowdale VIII, 35 gp