Belm, also known as Scimitar of Speed +2, is a one-handed weapon that provides the wielder one extra attack per round.

Other weapons of the similar augments include Kundane and Ninjatō of the Scarlet Brotherhood.



Scimitar of Speed +2: Belm
This enchanted scimitar bears the mark of Taka Kobe, an honored swordsmith of Kara-Tur, though how it came to be here is unknown. Perfectly balanced, it affords quick recovery in combat and even allows the wielder time for an additional attack.

Gameplay Edit

  • The +1 APR is granted to whichever melee weapon is in the creature's main hand, making it an excellent off-hand choice for a dual-wielding druids, or even monks, who have limited weapon selection array
  • It would not be possible to get more than 5 APR without the aid of (Improved) Haste or (Greater) Whirlwind Attack