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Bedlen Daglefodd is a svirfneblin boy, the son of Therndle Daglefodd, which the party can rescue before or after receiving the Victims of imprisonment: Svirfneblin son quest, in the Underdark.

I meant no harm, I swear! Please, cease your casting and... and...


He's imprisoned inside a fiendish drow device alongside the humans Madman Aganalo and Gont of Riativin, elf Raevilin Strathi, the githyanki Riti, and the undead creature Alchra Diagott.

This deep gnome can be released by manipulating the fifth facet on the device (from west to east or left to right - if facing the device).

When the facet is manipulated, a few moments later a teleport animation will initiate and place the svirfneblin gnome nearby the party.

Bedlen will initiate spoken dialogue. The tone and dialogue options will be different if the party is under the illusionary drow disguise spell effect, as the gnome was initially placed into the device by the drow, and therefore is alarmed by seeing more 'drow' again.

In the end, if the party works its way through the various dialogue exchanges, the grateful gnome will make his way home - letting the party know to contact his father.

Should the party kill the poor sod and then have the audacity to visit his father later - there will be a poor outcome indeed.

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