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This page is to detail the battle with Jon Irenicus that takes place in the Spellhold Basement area of Spellhold. The encounter occurs during Baldur's Gate II Chapter 4.

The scenario is part of the Escaping the asylum questline. It isn't optional and is necessary to advance the plot of the bhaalspawn saga.

Situation recap[]

The party arrives in the basement area from the Final Judgement Spellhold Test.

Saemon Havarian appears and gives advice/suggests that the only way to defeat Irenicus is to enlist the help of the inmates on the Spellhold Main Floor.

Some core party companions agree with this via dialogue interjections. Some others say it isn't necessary and the time to strike is now, and no help is needed. Afterwards, the party either allowed Saemon to leave or they killed him. This choice won't affect the battle with Irenicus, but will come into play afterwards.

The party may have already found out the hard way that tackling Irenicus in his laboratory before transitioning upstairs to the Spellhold Main Floor proves fatal. Saemon's suggestion was correct about having to get the inmates on the main floor to help.

This reality means the party must transition to main floor above.


Face Lonk and address the inmates[]

Ascend the staircase to the main floor. Shortly afterwards Lonk the Sane will challenge the party.

The dialogue will occur even if the party members are invisible or hidden. See his page for details.

In short, Lonk either agrees to help the party by releasing the inmates, or the party bribes him to do the same, or he turns hostile and fights back.

Regardless of which choice is made, the party is then transitioned in front of the inmates who are gathered together in the "Inmate Commons" area as marked on the map.

The party must make some dialogue choices as they address the inmates. Each inmate has their own interjections during this interlude. These inmates are pretty fearful of facing Irenicus, but still agree in the end to take on their hated oppressor. They may be nuts, but they also go along with joining the party to face him below.

No time is allowed the party to prepare, and the game transitions the party and inmates to the basement again - this time inside the laboratory.

Note: The child inmate Dili is not included with the inmate group transition. Her presence in the game is over and is removed from the game at this point.

Face Irenicus in his laboratory[]

The party arrives along with the inmates in the basement laboratory. No action is possible at first due to the dialogue exchange scripted by the plot.

Note:See the Jon Irenicus (Spellhold battle) page for encounter specific stats, immunities and spells available to the antagonist.

Irenicus opens the encounter with a surprised statement:

"What is this? You have released all of my test subjects? How wonderfully mad of you. I did not expect this in the least, so dangerously risky it is." - the PC can reply, then Irenicus snaps:
"As overeager as ever, but your boasting is wasted on me. You are no threat, not even with your army of madness. Your fate has been sealed with the curse I transferred to you. I have the souls of both you and Imoen, and they have healed Bodhi and myself. You will die in our place, or worse. Bodhi tells me you have exhibited a... transformation. With your will slowly fading, perhaps the essence of Bhaal will rise to take you. That would be a sight, I am sure."

After that Wanev will interject - "I'll take back what is mine now! I'll take it back! You perverted this place, and I'll take it back!" - followed by Irenicus retorting:

"You tortured those here long before I arrived. I merely had more purpose to do it. Bah, I speak with madmen when I should be at my revenge!"

At this junction, Minsc, then Jaheira and finally Imoen will each have their shouted interjection aimed at Irenicus. The mage then shouts back:

"Die, all of you! I have restored my soul and will work my revenge without your interference!"

The first phase of the battle[]

Irenicus is now hostile. The player can take control of the party and issue commands. The inmates Aphril, Dradeel, Naljier Skal, Wanev and Tiax will initiate their scripted spell casting - buffs to begin with.

Irenicus instantly deploys an uninterruptable protective spell chain, to include Stoneskin, Spell Turning and Protection From Electricity (spell).

Next will probably be a situational evaluation by the script. If certain conditions are met, then a Remove Magic will be attempted.

The next move will be to forcecast SPIN905 which displays a message reading "Spawn Clones". Two seconds later the clone of each party member form adjacent to the original character.

Note: In case the party would try and leave the laboratory they find the exits locked once the "Spawned Clones" message is seen. They can't be forced or picked.

These appear as the party member in an unarmed and natural state (with no armor or robes etc.). They are hostile and attack the nearest green circled enemy they can detect. See the Clone (Irenicus Spellhold) for details of their stats and abilities. Note that just because they hold no weapons does not mean they can't strike for real damage. The clones are also under a Haste effect.

From this point on, Irenicus will cast mostly single target spells at the nearest enemy detected. Area of effect spells include Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting, will be attempted as well and this won't harm the clones.

Irenicus has several scripted sequencers and triggers that will initiate based on combat conditions, such as being hit. These prepared instantly cast spells will further protect Irenicus and increase staying power.

During this time the inmates will be casting their own spells - none of them are armed with any weaponry or equipment, so they do not engage in melee combat with Irenicus or any of the clones.

Wanev is the most active of the group, and he casts offensive spells at Irenicus or the closest enemy to himsel from time to time. He is scripted to use some potentially dangerous AoE spells which might affect party members, such as Sunfire. Additionally, a conjured Efreeti is scripted, and that creature will also release Area of Effect spells that can target all creatures - friend or foe, in the battle area. He may even cast a Time Stop during the first phase of the battle.

If any party generated hostile spells (accidentally or on purpose} affect an inmate, that particular creature will become a red circled hostile. So be careful.

When Irenicus's original HP value is reduced to 20%, this will trigger the next phase of the battle.

The second phase of the battle[]

Now heavily wounded, Irenicus transitions into dialogue, cursing:

"Damn you all! Why do I fight over this place when my plans may be laid anywhere?! I must start anew! - Have your victory here then but, know that you are dying on the inside even now! - Many will join you before I am done—my home will feel my wrath! - Here! Fight amongst the mindless assassins I would sacrifice! I shall find others to serve my needs! This place is yours! I hope it is your tomb!"

This initiates several actions on the battleground. A teleport animation plays over Irenicus, as well as another just north of the SW door to the laboratory. The door opens.

Irenicus has now escaped to points unknown. Each party member is awarded 68,500 XP for forcing him to flee.

If Yoshimo was a party member in the earlier part of the Spellhold quest - then he is teleported into the laboratory. If this isn't the case, then that teleport animation plays but nothing appears (perhaps a coding oversight). Yoshimo initiates dialogue at this point, beginning with:

"There you are, I see. Why do you continue? You are dead inside already. Irenicus has seen to it. I am left to finish your physical shell."

The PC has several reply choices. If you delve deeper into why Yoshimo betrayed you to Irenicus, then more information can be gleaned. It is up to the player if he will exact quick revenge or ask questions and inquire.

In the end, Yoshimo has no choice but to attack, and he does so. The script that controls this creature will fully utilize the stealth abilities possessed by the rogue, and he still has all the equipment when he was last a party member. Expect Backstab attack attempts.

Whether or not the Yoshimo encounter takes place, in a few rounds after Irenicus teleports away, eventually a group of Murderer thieves will try and make their way into the lab through the door, and they'll be under invisibility. These creatures will attack from invisibility unless it is removed.

Also at this time, all the inmates were slain (somehow) by Irenicus teleporting away from the battle.

With the defeat of all the opponents, so concludes the Battle with Irenicus in Spellhold. It is up to the player to decide what to do next. The party still hasn't escaped the asylum.


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod makes revisions to the inmate's scripts allowing them to perform in a smarter manner and participate in the battle more effectively.

The mod also makes changes to the Irenicus AI scripting, and he'll utilize a full spell book as a level 30 mage. Mage HLA's will be used depending on game difficulty settings. This will translate to greater staying power and increased danger to the party.

The clones of the party members dynamic is reworked by the mod. They are now copies of the party members including all stats, attributes, equipment and memorized spells. They will use potions and wands in the quick item slots. The same spells available to the original party member will potentially be cast by the clone. Cloned rogues will pickpocket the player characters.

Mod gallery[]

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