Baldur's Gate Wiki

Bartenders are found within most taverns or inns that are located anywhere along the Sword Coast. They not only function as purveyors of libations, they also provide the occasional rumour to go along with your beverage. And most of them serve as innkeepers and some are merchants too.



While none of the Bartenders carry any items, some of them do have a few gold coins in their pocket. Below is a table of who has what for thieves with sticky fingers.

gp Bartender Location
34 Iron Throne
33 Elfsong Tavern
24 Red Sheaf
14 Belching Dragon Tavern
12 Generic Inn (ground floor) (East & Southeast Baldur's Gate)
Generic Tavern (Northwest & Southwest Baldur's Gate)
11 Feldpost's Inn
9 Drakon Tavern
Generic Inn (second floor) (East Baldur's Gate)
Helm and Cloak
Jopalin's Tavern
Keexie Tavern
Low Lantern
Merchants' League Estate
Splurging Sturgeon
The Burning Wizard
Ulgoth’s Beard Inn
7 Jovial Juggler
0 Ye Olde Inn