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Baron Ployer is a former slave trader who can be found in the Sea's Bounty Tavern at the Athkatla Docks during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

You will all die for what you've done to me!

— Baron Ployer

If any party member but Jaheira enters the tavern and speaks with Ployer, he rebuffs them:

"Off with you. I'm waiting for someone."


If Jaheira is in the party upon entering the tavern, Baron Ployer and her have a dialog.

Ployer: "Jaheira, my darling, so good to see you. Won't you come sit and chat a while?"
Jaheira: "I...I am sorry? Do I know you?"
Ployer: "You do not remember? Ahh, but this is understandable. It has been years since we last spoke. Far too long, really."
Jaheira: "Forgive me, but I will require a little more information. Your name again?"
Ployer: "(AHEM) My Ployer, Baron Ployer? Of the Calimshan Ployers? Come now, you must have some inkling?"
Jaheira: ", I am terribly sorry but your face is unfamiliar. Perhaps if you told me what you do..."
Ployer: "My name means nothing?  Nothing?!  I am Baron Ployer!  PLOYER!  You ruined me!  Not remembering is an even greater insult!  You are why I am destitute today! You and your Harper kin accused me of breeding slaves in Calimshan!  My businesses in Athkatla were taken!  I was made a pauper and you do not even remember?!"
Jaheira: "I remember well, but I wanted you to say it, and I wanted others to hear.  Quite the outburst, Mister Ployer, I assume you are still at odds with your new life?"
Ployer: " is the type of insolence I was talking about! It is not enough that you ruin a man, you must also berate him!"
Jaheira: "MISTER Ployer, I wanted you *dead* instead of merely humiliated! The courts did not seem to think death was warranted, so they claimed your assets instead. That you live in poverty is gratifying, if you must live at all!  I would suggest you change your tone.  I am not in a mood for giving charity to old slavers!"
Ployer: "Haven't lost your fire, I see.  Still a Harper?  This scrawny lout one too?  That fellow Khalid you were once with was a better compliment.  Is he here as well?"
Jaheira: "He is none of your concern. If you value your teeth you will not speak that name again. You dirty it."
Ployer: "Er, yes. Very well. How about your companions, Jaheira? Do they count themselves among the Harpers as well?"

At this point, Gorion's Ward has an opportunity to interject:

  1. I am not a member of the Harpers, sir, though I would accept the offer if it was made.
  2. Me? I don't think I could push my nose into to other peoples' business far enough to qualify.
  3. I do not number myself among that group, or any other.
  4. I bear them no grudge, beyond that is my business.

No matter the player's choice of reply, to Ployer's perspective:

"That is beside the point! What matters is that you ruined me, and now I'm going to ruin you!"

Thus begins Jaheira's Companion quest. See the Related Quests section for details.

If and when Baron Ployer is faced by the party further on, and if he should personally be made hostile, he will engage in personal combat with the party. He has nothing to lose and is consumed by hatred. He will go down fighting to the death.

Related Quests[]


  • Ployer has a 94% Move Silently Thief skill, even though he is a Fighter by class. It has no in-game meaning.
  • Ployer has the same Berserk innate ability as Minsc, but not scripted for use.


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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod makes some minor changes to select creature scripts, and abilities. An SCS tactical fighter script is supplied for more intelligent attack and defense behavior, as well as potion use. He now has 5-pips in Two-handed sword weapon proficiency (and thus has improved to hit and damage, as well as APR). Two-handed weapon fighting style is also assigned 2 pips. Baron Ployer is a 12th level fighter after all.