Baldur's Gate Wiki

The Bandit Camp compound contains six small tents that provide shelter for members of the Blacktalons and Chill bandit groups. Five of the six tents can be entered, some are occupied and some are empty, and most of them have lootable containers, both inside and/or surrounding the outside of the tent.

Note: Looting any of the locked chests scattered throughout the camp will not cause the bandits to turn hostile.

The infobox to the right has an area image of the camp that identifies every tent that can be entered by its corresponding number in the infobox name. The tent with the strung up skeletal remains behind it that's located between tents 2 and 3 is the only tent that can't be entered and therefore not given a number.


This is the only tent that can't be entered. But it does have some good loot in the containers that surround the tent. Moving clockwise beginning with the table near the skeleton, which contains a Flame Arrow scroll, the first sack is empty and the second sack near the covered wagon contains a Potion of Fortitude. The locked(60) chest contains a Long Sword, a Dagger and 45 gp. The barrel is empty.

Tent 1 (AR1902)[]

This is the tent located to the northwest of the cave. Inside is a Flind, a Gnoll, and a Gnoll Veteran. The only lootable containers are the locked(50) chest, which contains a Pearl Necklace and 19 gp, and the sack next to it which contains 53 gp. The three barrels and the crate are empty.

Outside the tent, the first crate closest to the doorway is empty. The first sack contains a Potion of Heroism and the second sack is empty. The last container (which looks like a crate but opens like a chest) contains an Oil of Fiery Burning potion.

Tent 2 (AR1904)[]

This is the tent with the stockade behind it. Inside is a hobgoblin stock boy named Tersus. Talking to him might get you some Leather Armor or a little information about the goings on within the camp.

Lootable containers include the barrel against the back wall which contains a Murky Oil of Speed, the locked(30) chest which contains a long sword and a Short Sword and the sack which contains 83 gp. The two barrels close to the doorway are empty.

Note: Tersus will turn hostile if he catches you looting the chest. Killing him will turn the rest of the bandits in the camp hostile.

Outside the tent, the barrel near the doorway is empty and the locked(50) chest contains 35 gp.

Tent 3 (AR1905)[]

This is the tent that's located south of the cave. Inside is a human bandit named Knott. Speaking with him will give you some more information on the layout of the camp. Depending on the second to last dialogue choice you make, you can either kill him or ask one more question after which he'll exit the tent and disappear.

Note: Unlike Tersus, killing Knott will not turn the rest of the bandits in the camp hostile.

Lootable containers include the locked(40) chest which contains a dagger and 32 gp and the large barrel which contains a potion of Fortitude.

Outside the tent, the crate near the leaning wagon is empty and the locked(50) chest contains two Potions of Healing and 13 gp. Close top the doorway to the tent, the locked(50) chest contains 47 gp and the sack is empty.

Tent 4 (AR1906)[]

This is the tent that's located between the cave and Tazok's Tent. The inside is unpopulated and all containers are lootable. The barrel closest to the doorway contains The Iron Thorn, the locked(30) barrel contains a Potion of Healing, the sack contains 48 gp and the third barrel contains 9 gp.

Outside the tent, the locked(60) chest contains one Acid Arrow and one Arrow of Piercing, the barrel contains a Potion of Perception and the sack contains 102 gp.

Tent 5 (AR1907)[]

This is the tent located to the south of Tazok's tent and it has no lootable containers around the outside. The inside is unpopulated and lootable containers include the barrel to the right which contains 39 gp and the locked(50) chest which contains a scroll of Fireball and Web. The other two barrels are empty.